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Remember Better with Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound that is extracted from red grape skins. It is thought to help control glucose metabolism, cardiovascular health, and has some anti-aging benefits. 92 more words


How Much Coffee You Need Is a Genetic Trait

An international research team has found six new genes underlying our coffee-slurping ways.

The work, led by Marilyn Cornelis, a research associate at the Harvard T.H.

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Fate of Glucose in the body


this post answers the following question-

What happens to glucose in the body?

We always think in terms of glucose as an important source of energy. 33 more words

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Quick Tip: Cinnamon Coffee

Happy Monday!

Since my brain seems to take a while to get going on a Monday, I thought I’d make today a quick post and offer an easy health tip for you. 82 more words

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Nutrition Basics: Carbohydrates - Cutting Through the Confusion Part III

Now that I’ve clarified the difference between refined carbohydrates versus whole grains, I want to go back to the discussion of a low-carb diet. Here, the “carbs” are typically used to refer to sugar and starch. 363 more words


Alzheimer's Disease NOT Related to Abnormal Blood Sugar Metabolism....This Week Anyway

Several studies over the last few years have pointed to a positive association between Alzheimer’s dementia and abnormal glucose metabolism, such as diabetes, elevated blood sugars, and insulin resistance. 68 more words


Citric Acid Cycle...The Legend Continues

RECAP: The kingdom of the Body was in crisis! No energy to be found! King Brain was tired and his subjects were weak and listless when the brave Glucose Knights appeared to fulfill the Legend of Glucose Metabolism. 694 more words