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Glut is just like other games where you only have one opponent.  However, the approach used in the simplest.  The approach is, attack the opponent.  Then if, and only if, the opponent is slow enough, you can force it to double up. 134 more words

Gas Giants

Patty Pan Stuffed with Roasted Tomatoes and Goats' Cheese

Patty Pans are a new discovery for us. It’s the first year we’ve grown these petite summer squash on the allotment and they’re proving to be extremely prolific; Ade comes home from the plot with handfuls of them, and they’re quite something to look at! 267 more words


Beetroot and chocolate cake

So with our abundant crop of beetroot I’ve been reading about different ways to use beetroot. And as fate would have it when I went to a cafe recently there was a lovely looking beetroot and chocolate cake. 425 more words

Grow Your Own

For Fear of Glut

I’m trying very hard not to mush things up too emotionally with my lengthening of “Oklahoma.”

I am sticking strictly to script, so to speak, not veering from my initial outline in the least. 31 more words


Cloth Simulation

Cloth simulation with gravity, wind, and collision detection.

Cloth simulation is a rather complex task to accomplish. For this project specifically, an entire physics engine was built from scratch to simulate gravity, spring movement, and wind motion. 314 more words

Cube Explosion

This cube explosion is achieved by implementing a simple vector struct that requires a x, y, z coordinates and a variable for direction. Each particle in the cube explosion has randomized x, y, z constants which determine the direction in which the particle will travel in a straight line. 53 more words

7 June 2017 (AFR) - Plunging sugar price is no health kick

(7 June 2017, AFR, p22, by Rachael Ward)

‘A 40 per cent plunge in the price of sugar (see chart at right) has less to do with consumers turning away from sugary drinks and unhealthy food and is instead being driven by a looming supply surplus and speculators shorting the market. 44 more words

1.Market Observations