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Glut of Luxury Rentals Is Driving Up Apartment Prices in NYC - Rental Market Reports - Curbed NY

How can an excess of new, luxury apartments be pushing up prices? This makes no sense!

Gather ’round, all, for everyone’s favorite time: the moment of the month when we talk about how utterly hopeless and depressing New York City real estate is. 19 more words


EI – February 4, 2016– by Sue Emmall, Legal Correspondent

It’s being called LAWSUIT-ZILLA, The Battle of the Fossil Fuel corporations.   Multiple Oil & Gas (O&G) corporations have filed lawsuits against each other, and it’s being played out in courtrooms all over America. 214 more words


With oil and natural gas trading at lows not seen since 2003 it is obvious the fossil fuel industry is hurting.

The numbers are becoming brutal reading for the industry: The oil price has collapsed more than 70 percent since mid-2014.   675 more words

Integrating OpenCV and OpenGL projects

I was working with a OpenCV project then I needed to show the results of some image processing using a 3D object rendering. So I made an OpenGL project that takes result data and display it using GLUT functions. 318 more words

Dehli style sweet and sour pumpkin

Pumpkin is one one of my favorite vegetables but a lot of Indians I know seem to loathe it – probably because during monsoon season, it is one of the few vegetables available and they get completely sick of it by the time they reach adulthood. 474 more words