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Homemade Chinese Plum Sauce

Last week I collected 1.5kg of small yellow plums from a heavily laden tree at the edge of our village. I don’t know what they are – wild plums I guess. 151 more words


Chinese Plum Sauce - Mark 2

Had my second attempt at making Chinese Plum Sauce after a 4 year gap. It’s taken that long between decent wild plum harvests!

The first time I made up a recipe, but this time I thought I’d trust the web. 192 more words


Finished off the last of last year’s Damson Brandy last night to clear out the kilner jar to start this year’s Blackberry Brandy.

The process, roughly based on the recipe for Sloe Gin in my mum’s Food for Free book by Richard Mabey, is 1 cheap 75cl bottle of brandy, 500g of berries, 250g of sugar.  42 more words


Feast of plenty

Returning home from a 10-day working trip in France this weekend, the garden seems to have been ultra-bountiful in my absence. The Katy apple tree, a delicious red eating apple along the lines of Discovery, has shed most of its fruit now, always an early arrival, and friends have kindly left bags full in my fridge. 834 more words


Tomato Soup

Looked at two recipes for tomato soup but mainly used the recipe from ‘The Kitchen and Garden Book of Herbs’ by Jessica Houdret and Joanna Farrow but also looked at a tomato soup recipe from BBC Good Food. 183 more words


Vegetable Pakoras

One of my favourite Indian foods are pakoras. I love this crispy, spicy, snack. It’s perfect as part of a meal, but equally good as a savoury treat. 349 more words


Tomato Ketchup Recipe - combination Mums, Jamie Oliver and 'Delicious' recipes

Compared recipes for homemade tomato ketchup but wondered if anybody has a recipe they know works well or perhaps have opinion on recipe below.

My mums recipe althou very nice is little sweet using 340g sugar for 2 kg tomatoes, 2 onions, 2 cloves garlic and relied on mustard, paprika and cayenne pepper to give it a kick and some colour.  359 more words