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Vegetable Pakoras

One of my favourite Indian foods are pakoras. I love this crispy, spicy, snack. It’s perfect as part of a meal, but equally good as a savoury treat. 349 more words


Tomato Ketchup Recipe - combination Mums, Jamie Oliver and Delicious recipes

Is it tomatoes or tomatos?

Comparing traditional recipes for homemade tomato ketchup and wondered if anybody has a recipe they know works well or perhaps have opinion on recipe below. 392 more words


How to register class method as C callback


A typical problem when using a C library with your own C++ code: the library requires a C callback function pointer, but you want to pass your C++ class method (that is non-static) to it. 261 more words

Courgettes - the ultimate glut

There’s a law of nature that says your mother-in-law is always a better cook than you are, and there’s no better example than my mother-in-law’s delicious courgette and lettuce soup because, for the life of me, I can’t turn out anything other than a green tasteless gloop.  651 more words


Madame Pickles

Hello, Lorraine here, Harriet’s mum.
For the last couple of weeks I have been psyching myself up for the jam and chutney making season.
I love scavenging the fruit and vegetables, I’m no gardener and make use of any glut my friends are willing to pass onto me and foraged fruit found while walking my puppy, Flint. 893 more words

Glorious Grub

How to build and use GLFW

GLFW is a library for OpenGL created by Camilla Berglund. It is a modern replacement to GLUT, to draw windows and handle input. 226 more words

What to do with all these... Courgettes?

This is the first post in what might become a series. Every allotment owner is familiar with the courgette glut. A single plant can easily produce 5 courgettes in a week under the right conditions. 568 more words