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Brief Summer break with delicious birthday cake

Hey all and happy summer! So far things have been pretty good for me. Taking things one day at a time. While my summer hasn’t exactly gone the way I planned it to , it’s going exactly how God planned it to. 321 more words

Husband Made And Approved Pasta Salad

This post is part of our family joke, that my poor husband cant or simply wont cook.  So I left for the day, and told him dinner was his job.  182 more words


Free stuff

Today I had an interesting and fun discussion with my older kid.

I have asked him if he is sure I’m his mom, because I could not remember perfectly, but there is a chance I have bought him from a gipsy family for one pound of sugar. 33 more words

Just Because

Chop Shop Rice Bowl Hack (Recipe)

Hello world! I’ve been on a healthy cooking kick as of late. For the past two Sundays, I’ve prepped meals for my sister for the week. 449 more words