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Butternut Squash & Chestnut soup

I managed to pick a bag full of windfall Sweet chestnuts a couple of week’s ago. I roasted them and peeled them and after eating a few, because they were so delicious, I put half in the fridge and froze the rest. 99 more words

Gluten And Dairy Free

Soft and Chewy Low Allergen 'Flour' Tortillas

Soft, pliable, and chewy, these tortillas are basically allergen free! I have been wanting to make tortillas for a very long time, but I could only find really complex recipe with so many funky ingredient that I have never heard of. 270 more words

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Butternut Squash Soup

While you may not think of Butternut Squash Soup in the category of Italian, part of being Italian is using everything that can be grown to strengthen and grow your own family. 389 more words

Harvest Chutney

September has been fun in the garden, collecting crab apples, eating and cooking apples and plums from our trees. I’ve also harvested lovely Tomatoes from my five plants from which we’ve been eating daily in salads with our home grown lettuce. 248 more words

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RHYTHM 108 Ooh-la-la Gluten and Dairy Free Tea Biscuits

Offering a range of gluten and dairy free tea biscuits, RHYTHM 108 are right up my street. Sent a box  of their Ooh-la-la biscuits to sample, I can tell you they are extremely tasty. 336 more words


Artful country foraging

At last summer’s here and since the month of June I have enjoyed foraging for Elderflower heads, then this month for cherries. I have my eyes peeled for the ripening rosehips, the wild plums, elderberries, blackberries of course and hazel, cobs, sweet chestnuts and if I’m lucky I’ll get a small harvest of green walnuts. 330 more words

Gluten And Dairy Free

Eat the rainbow!

When it comes to eating healthy the most important thing is to eat the rainbow! I love a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide a wide variety of macro and micro nutrients, fibre and loads of vitamins. 159 more words

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