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RHYTHM 108 Ooh-la-la Gluten and Dairy Free Tea Biscuits

Offering a range of gluten and dairy free tea biscuits, RHYTHM 108 are right up my street. Sent a box  of their Ooh-la-la biscuits to sample, I can tell you they are extremely tasty. 336 more words


Artful country foraging

At last summer’s here and since the month of June I have enjoyed foraging for Elderflower heads, then this month for cherries. I have my eyes peeled for the ripening rosehips, the wild plums, elderberries, blackberries of course and hazel, cobs, sweet chestnuts and if I’m lucky I’ll get a small harvest of green walnuts. 330 more words

Eat the rainbow!

When it comes to eating healthy the most important thing is to eat the rainbow! I love a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide a wide variety of macro and micro nutrients, fibre and loads of vitamins. 159 more words

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Healthy, colourful and fresh. The story of a salad.

The Dubai summer is now upon us. Gone are the days of veggie soup and paninis now it is time to welcome  back the ever so versatile salad. 197 more words

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Gluten and Dairy Free Bread ... cheat edition

I love freshly baked bread. The look, the smell, the everything. It makes my heart sing. But I am still not so comfortable with these mixtures that some people come up with when it comes to making a gluten free bread flour. 141 more words

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Gluten Free For The Family

American Gluten-Free is a subscription box service that finds high quality, delicious gluten and dairy free foods from around the country and delivers them once a month, right to your door. 230 more words

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Fruit Smoothies with a Special Guest

Fruit smoothies can get a bad wrap. Too much sugar, not enough fibre etc. The best way to avoid this is to keep it as true to form as possible. 231 more words

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