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Food Diary 

🍌Food Diary🍇
🍳Breakfast – Egg, Turkey sausage, gummi vitamins,
🍜Lunch – Chicken Salad, chips,
🍉Dinner – Watermelon, mini cookie,

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Gluten Free

Kefir Smoothie with Ginger, Mint, and Avocado

 Yes, Mom, I’m still cooking! I’ve just gotten lazy about posting…

But! I’m on a new kick – namely, anti-candida. Because I like doing the occasional cleanse, it’s like a reset button for the system, and for my increasingly lazy and unhealthy eating habits… (also I’ve been reading… 82 more words


Chickpeas anyone? 

I use chickpeas a lot, yes I make a lot of homous, but I do also use a lot of chickpeas in tact in other dishes so I thought I’d share a few recent chickpea dishes.. 538 more words


Organic Pharmer

I found Organic Pharmer on a whim in the shopping center Brandon and I were in. The entire place is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, and egg free. 145 more words

Amanda's Appetizers

Sprouted and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds – also known as pepitas – are one of those things that I always forget about, suddenly remember how healthy they are and “why don’t I have any on hand?”, prepare them, and then can’t believe I forgot how amazing they taste! 366 more words

Watermelon Granita

This is quite the simple summer treat! Love watermelon? You’ll love watermelon granita!


  • 3 cups roughly chopped watermelon
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 6-8 mint leaves and more for garnish…
  • 66 more words


Krishna Jayanthi | Gokulashtami | Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Shri Krishna – the attractive dark one. He is very fond of butter.His shenanigans relating to this, earn him, his colloquial name ‘Makhan chor’ (Butter thief). 700 more words

Gluten Free