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Gluten Free Breaded Baked Tilapia with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know if this is weird or not but I find Tuesday to be the easiest day to eat healthy. Mondays I’m still too bummed out that the weekend is over and feel stressed about the upcoming week, both of which lead me to crave comfort food and make diving back into healthy eating quite challenging. 822 more words

Blue Diamond

All Aboard the Paula Deen Cruise!

While most major companies are creating a wide berth between their brand and the humbled celebrity chef, one travel agency isn’t jumping ship quite yet — in fact, it’s getting ready to book reservations for fans who want to join Paula Deen on one. 244 more words


Singles Cruise for the 1%: Where Money Buys Love, Sort of

Pause for a moment and consider how hard it must be for the 1%. The hassling by Occupy Wall Street types, the constant harping from… 293 more words


SOS: 'Love Boat' Sails Off to the Junkyard

Two decades ago ABC scrapped its Love Boat sitcom. Now, the owners are doing the same to the eponymous vessel. But before you shed a tear for the years spent following the follies of Captain Stubing and Gopher aboard the ship, the Love Boat’s cruel end might be for the best. 323 more words


Costa Cruises Looks Into 'Significant Human Error'

— A statement released Sunday evening by Costa Cruises indicates that they are scrutinizing the actions of captain Francesco Schettino, saying he “appears to have not followed standard Costa procedures.” The company is the owner of the Costa Concordia that ran aground off the coast of Italy late Friday. (via The Guardian)


Would You Take a Replica Cruise of the Titanic's Maiden Voyage?

To mark the centennial of the Titanic’s sinking, a British company is offering a chance to reconstruct the ship’s fateful journey by traveling to the location where the ship sank. 463 more words


Reading While Eating for August 15: Origins of Art

Tuesday’s links discuss art, parents, and the parents of artists. 131 more words