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Super-Healthy Snacks- Inspired Smoothies!

Hi Cookies! It’s time for a revamp on my old smoothie post by taking inspiration and basing smoothies off of it! I hope you enjoy! 153 more words


Easy Omelette with red bell pepper and mushroom 

chop 1/2 red bell pepper and 3 mushrooms

Stir fry the chopped vegetables in olive oil and butter – salt and pepper to taste

Add egg mixture seasoned with salt and pepper – key is to mix the eggs until foamy for smooth texture of omelette. 23 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Homemade Salsa

Fresh salsa made with cilantro from my garden

4 ripe tomatoes chopped, 1 medium onion chopped, 1 jalapeño, 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro, juice from two lemon, 1 tsp salt, black pepper, 1 tsp of sugar… 9 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Spinach, nectarine and Brie salad

I love fruit in salad. I’ve written before about blueberries and strawberries in salad, and now that nectarine season is here it’s time to share this recipe. 269 more words


Korean Spicy Soybean Sprouts 

I grew up on soybean sprouts and they are more nutty and has more flavor than your regular bean sprouts/ which is actually mung bean sprouts. 113 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Chicken Stir Fry With Rice Noodles

When time is short, the weather is hot and you are hungry for a real meal I find a stir fry can be a lifesaver of an entree.  599 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

A Gluten-Free Anytime Treat!

It’s been a while since we’ve teased you with any of the contents from “Her” upcoming cookbook.  Hey, we’ve been a little preoccupied with our, soon to be available, book about Les Paul, “ 334 more words

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