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Southern Comfort: Cheesy Shrimp and Grits...My Version

Some people aren’t big fans of grits; this recipe could change that for ever as it is pretty easy and darn tasty.  Not diet food; we are talking cheese and cream here. 620 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Lemony and Refreshing Quinoa Salad

I made some lemony quinoa salad the other day, the same one I posted last year stuffed in tomatoes.  This time I just mixed in chunks of ripe homegrown tomatoes and it was very tasty as a side dish to a meal.  525 more words

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Refreshing Spanish Gazpacho Soup: Ole Tomatoes!

Hot Hot HOT summer days mean I need a cool recipe. One with minimal cooking: that is easy and tasty.  Plus I want to use some of my garden produce.  708 more words

Gluten Free

Sweet Corn on the Cob Without A Hot Kitchen

Sweet corn season is here.  In many places really good sweet corn can be had, like farms markets, road side stands and even Wegmans!  You can get it at Musikfest at a price; $4 for an ear. 332 more words

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Shabbat Shalom! Here’s the link to my new Gluten Free Jewish Momma Channel and first video:


Although my video is very silly, I am very serious about feeding my Glutinos delicious food that does not taste like sawdust. 161 more words


Chop Chae - Medley of Tofu, bean noodles, and vegetables

Chop Chae is traditionally festive dish served on special occasions. It’s not super difficult but it does take time to prepare. Chop Chae is made with sweet potato noodles but living where I live I had to find a substitute and bean threads works. 186 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Spicy Rice Cake 

Ricecake is very versatile and good snack food for kids. There are non spicy version of this dish but I love mine very spicy! If you don’t like the heat, you can substitute red pepper paste with soy sauce, oyster sauce or other sweet sour sauces you have available in your pantry. 138 more words

Gluten Free Cooking