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Gluten free scones with fresh rapsberries

This spiffing recipe which I made up uses gluten-free flour and fresh raspberries to make scones! I used my tried and trusted recipe which I inherited from my mum, plus the raspberries I’d just picked in the garden. 313 more words


Another gluten free success

I’d never cooked with gluten-free flour at all until someone joined my writing group who is coeliac; I bought some gluten-free cookies and biscuits, and to be frank, they were terrible! 285 more words


Free From Gluten Plain Flour

For some reason when you first go gluten free everyone pitches their own mix of several flour alternatives. We don’t get why you would. It takes time to find the different types of recommended flours. 207 more words

Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Recipe

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to a great big, gooey, sweet, wonderful blog of sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  You may even get a sugar contact high just from hanging out here!  371 more words

Gluten Free Flour Ratio. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Have you ever found yourself all ready to try out a new recipe only to realize one of the ingredients is: Gluten Free Flour Blend? Quite a pickle if you don’t have a go-to store bought blend you like (I am a big fan of the President’s Choice Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Blend). 315 more words


No more Naan-sense.

Simple Gluten Free Naan Bread Recipe

If you ask someone how they made their Naan and they say something clever like “Naan of your business,” it’s because they don’t know, it came straight from the store. 577 more words


French Yogurt Cake Recipe. Oo La La.

A watched yogurt cake never bakes.

They work well as cupcakes too!

My French roommate and I whipping up yet another batch of yogurt cakes. … 694 more words