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Gluten-Free loaf

While I am totally fine with gluten and enjoy baking real bread, this is not the case for everyone, and over the past month I have perfected my gluten-free loaf for the child I have been looking after. 228 more words


Rooting for Fall and Root Vegetables 

The summer circus is coming to an end at my house (phew!). Since early June, it’s been a whirlwind of kids, dogs, crumbs, day trips, camps, vacations…and ZERO routine to our days. 235 more words


Gluten-Free French Silk Pie

Gluten-free recipes are here to stay. Many people are gluten intolerant and they would rather not have it.  Of course if you have Celiac disease that definitely will put you in the class of no gluten period. 469 more words


Almond and Peach Summer Cake

It is compulsory to eat baked goods when watching The Great British Bake Off. My mother decided this rule very early on and you don’t want to see what Mum looks like when you break her rules. 391 more words


Find Me Gluten Free and Fried Chicken

Day 9.

It is Monday.

Gluten-free living is coming together a little more now that a week has passed. I placed an order on Vitacost.com last week to get some highly-rated (read: better tasting than most) GF flours. 292 more words

Gluten Free

To wheat or not to wheat, that is the question.......

Since I have been in America (18 yrs and counting) I have come across a lot of people with dietary restrictions that I had never heard of or been exposed to for that fact! 307 more words


Banana Oat Cookies

I bought an extra bundle of bananas just so that I could make some treats with bananas.  I can’t be the only one who doe that, right?! 288 more words

Dairy Free