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Consume gluten free-Be tension free

Are you suffering with a Celiac disease or any sort of allergies? Does your physicist insist on eating food that is gluten free and healthy? Do you wonder where and how you can get gluten free food? 357 more words

Gluten Free Diet

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

This week I decided to make something that was a bit more savory than the recipes I have been sharing with you all. We all have those days when we are craving pizza or something of that sort but aren’t willing to waste all those calories just for a slice of pizza. 357 more words

Gluten Free

The BIG salad!

What is a big salad? Why does it have to be big? How do l make a big salad? Do l need a big bowl? What would l put in a big salad? 505 more words


Double Apple Muffins

The best thing when baking apple muffins or anything with apples is the nice smell of apples and cinnamon you have everywhere at home..mmmmm it’s delicious! 240 more words

Gluten Free Food

How to Eat: honeygrow

This week I visited one of my favorite quick and easy spots to eat in Philadelphia. I would consider this place one of the hidden gems of the Philly area. 248 more words


Gluten-free Blueberries Waffles

Hi everybody, today I woke up thinking about waffles..yes, those ¬†golden crispy on the outside but spongy inside…so, I decided to make them using buckwheat flour and blueberries. 177 more words

Gluten Free Food

My Kingdom for the Map!

This morning during the times when Jasper was working on his own, I was looking for something–a map I drew of a story world. I thought I knew where it was. 406 more words