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Gluten-free Cook Gift Guide

As a mom and busy entrepreneur, I wanted the have more energy and feel younger. When I went gluten-free, I bought three Paleo cookbooks for recipe ideas.  1,192 more words

Gift Guide

Arrowroot Coconut Wraps

When my Friends at Bobs Red Mill Trinidad asked me to create a recipe using Arrowroot, I must admit I was stumped for a second. Mostly I use Arrowroot to bind my burgers, thicken my soups and as a flour in my blends, but never as the main ingredient. 358 more words

A Yard Beyond the Rest

Yard House –Raleigh NC

We went on a couple’s retreat to North Raleigh and on Saturday evening we were released from our great marriage building course and sent to enjoy a date night. 794 more words

S is for...

Before there was a name, ingenious eaters around the world were making their own versions. Imagine, being so engrossed in your card game you haven’t wanted to leave the table, even though your meal is ready and you are starving. 466 more words

26 Days Of Home

P is for...

It resembles a pinecone, is indigenous to South America and shows up on quilts, knockers, architecture and jelly moulds. It is a symbol of hospitality, friendship and warmth. 335 more words

26 Days Of Home

O is for...

A question arose over breakfast with my sister a few weeks ago: “What came first the colour or the fruit?”

O is for Orange Drizzle Cake. 456 more words

26 Days Of Home

Meh: My path to the GF life (as told by younger me)

So for some serious health reasons, I decided that the best possible action was to look into holistic methods of healing one’s body. For those who don’t know me, I became seriously ill about a year ago with mono, thrush, colds, sinus infections, you name it- it seemed like I had it. 1,894 more words

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