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Gluten-Free 'Eff Ups on Film!

Hey guys!

I know the one thing you’ve been missing from GIMB is video tutorials. I mean, I decided that was the one thing you’ve been missing. 215 more words

Celiac Disease

Gluten-Free Portland: As If You Even Need This Guide

Just got back from Portland, Oregon. Totally full.

In spite of a rocky start wherein I was chasing children and eating whatever landed in front of my face, the rest of my Portland trip was filled with… 1,584 more words

Celiac Disease

What to Gluten-Free Make When It's Hot AF

Holy crap balls, people. I’m shocked to still be here and not completely burned to a crisp on the side of one of the many Los Angeles freeways I’m forced to drive upon in this hellish beginning to summer, because I just freaking gave up and gave into the fire. 642 more words

Celiac Disease

My Favorite Food From My New Book (7 Main Allergen Free)

Hey gang!

You know when you have a big project and you kind of just ignore everyone in the world so you can get it finished, and then you feel bad about the neglect and so you want to do something special? 464 more words

Celiac Disease

How to Choose the Healthiest Gluten-Free Foods

When gluten-free foods first started making their way onto the market, they were all, for the most part, healthy. This is because the foods were created by small companies who dedicated themselves to providing only the safest, healthiest foods for those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and other food allergies. 958 more words

Gluten-free Junk Food