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Paleo Mexican Lasagna 

When you combine sweet potatoes, grassfed beef, garden fresh spinach and peach salsa then top it with a cashew taco flavored crumble you declare it a winner and blog that baby! 397 more words


Karl’s Italian Sausage Lasagna with Vegetable “Noodles”

The kids are on one of their low-starch diets—South Beach this time—so I have to adapt my Sunday meals to this. Personally, I believe that the secret losing weight is in not eliminating any particular “evil” food group, but in eating healthy and eating… 1,872 more words


Dried Mushrooms

I can be lazy. I admit it. I wait for sliced mushrooms to go on sale, and then I buy lots of them, rinse the residual compost (or whatever—I don’t want to think about it) off them, drain them, and shake them onto the dehydrator trays. 350 more words


new favourite thing - sweet potato, spinach, and mushroom 'lasagna'

If you use any kind of social media – you’ll have seen the headlines proclaiming you’ve been doing everything wrong – and not just wrong but “all wrong.” You’ve been boiling eggs all wrong. 941 more words

Dinner Party Worthy

Squtternut Stack

In light of family traditions, we’ve been working hard to create some of our own.

With a recent move and a whole host of changes, establishing traditions has been tough. 498 more words


Gluten Free Turkey Lasagna with my Carrageenan-Free Ricotta Substitute

Lately I have been learning about the ingredient carrageenan and how it may be something to stay away from. It is used as a thickener and found commonly in dairy products. 320 more words

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