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Easy lunch idea...

Wanted something different for lunch today!!

Made some Gluten Free penne noodles (4 cups) and prepared a package of Epicure’s Alfredo sauce.

Steamed brocoli in Epicure’s square steamer (4 minutes). 23 more words

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Eating GLUTEN FREE @Leggero Restaurant in Soho, London...

In the heart of London, previously reviewed as a Polentaria, London’s first GLUTEN FREE Italian Restaurant, this new incarnation Leggero  is probably more up my street with a reduction of the focus on Polenta! 511 more words

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Salmon Pesto Zoodles

Hi all,

Long time, no post.  I admit, this ones a bit of a cheat but a delicious one, nonetheless.  Healthy, light in calories, while full of flavor and totally tasty.  262 more words


Bacon and Sprouts Spagettii Carbonara

500 grams package bacon
1 lb Brussels sprouts, fresh (could substitute shredded cabbage, kale, spinach, peas etc.)
340 grams spaghetti pasta (i use President’s Choice gluten free) 95 more words

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Creamy Vegan Penne

Since going almost-vegan I have discovered that it is harder to produce a creamy textured sauce associated with a delicious pasta dish.

I am glad to say without too much effort I may have found something of worth!  416 more words

Creamy leaky pasta

I’m a huge fan of a comforting bowl of pasta and until recently thought i wouldn’t have that again, but there are so many amazing gluten free pastas now the choice is endless! 185 more words

Eating GLUTEN FREE Garlic Bread & Pasta @PREZZO Torquay, Devon...

Whilst I do adore Pizza Express, recently I found that without a reservation, they were busy so I popped next door to a PREZZO. I was delighted to find they had a dedicated GLUTEN FREE Menu which had a good range of options for a dinner: 424 more words

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