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The Importance of Friendship

This weekend was a blast.

We had our neighbors over, and we made our own pizzas, and we drank some good wine, and we played Clue. 334 more words

Coeliac London Pizzas: GB Pizza's Gluten-Free Pizzas

Last year, Zoe Williams claimed in the Telegraph that the pizzas she’d had at Great British Pizza Co were “the best pizzas (she’d) ever tasted”. When we heard the Margate-based GB Pizza had set up shop in independent food haven Exmouth market, we had to get down there and try one for ourselves. 530 more words

Gluten Free

Cauliflower Pizza Crust is a MUST!!!!

I love pizza… don’t we all? There’s a popular saying about those delicious pies, “Pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad- it’s still pretty good.” But bad can manifest is many different ways: soggy crust, sloppy sauce, greasy meat or (and here’s where I suffer) flour-induced gut rot. 90 more words


weekly round up

(Title change for my Monday round ups…)

Last week.  To get the majority of the whining out of the way – the first part sucked.  I was sick M/T/W.  601 more words


One Full Week and Restaurant Review

I know I kind of posted about it a few days ago, but I wanted to do a proper “Full Week” update, plus a restaurant review. 712 more words

OMG Gluten Free Pizza!!!

I have to admit, I was totally going to allow myself a cheat night and be glutinous. Not sure if that is the correct usage of the word but I figured Valentines Day was a good day to cheat after a month and a half of going gluten free… Much to my surprise, when I went to order I found out that Hungry Howies carries gluten free crust! 61 more words

Daily Ramblings

Magic Pizza in Paris

One day my friends from Napoli, Valerio and Carmela, told me that even if I live in Paris I can still enjoy the real Neapolitan pizza, well, I said … when do we go ?!? 315 more words