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GF GIRL NEXT DOOR: GF Girl Travel Trips

It’s not always easy to eat gluten free when you are traveling, especially if you are going to a different country that isn’t as familiar with the term “gluten free” or doesn’t have a gluten free menu like we do in the states. 792 more words


Super Duper Gluten-Free Travel Round-Up: Boulder, Colorado, New York City & Iceland

Whooo-boy am I glad to be back in my own kitchen, you guys! Back where the only gluten exists in bagels snuck into my home by my husband who should probably stop doing that. 966 more words

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Gluten-Free Iceland: Blue Lagoon to Rotten Shark

Oh. Em. Gee. I am a bit traveled out right now, you guys. I’m not sure how every bit of my trips/vaca days got booked all together but they did, and now I’m home to fill you in on the good, the… 1,503 more words

Gluten-Free New York City: Meet My New Favorite Brekkie

Ahhh, summer in the city. Where no matter how naked you are, you will still be sweaty and disgusting. You’re just going to have to trust me on that one. 2,089 more words

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Gluten-Free Boulder: Yellowbelly, Shine, Dushanbe Tea House & GIMB

Hey there people! Long time no chat. I apologize for my absence but I do hope you’ve been following on Insta as I’ve been sharing… 923 more words

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Mexican Street Food in London

My travels have taken me back to the UK this summer where I’m totally in awe of the bright city lights in London after 9 months spent on a small island in the Indian Ocean. 265 more words


Paleo Travel Tips: Part 2! 

Traveling is one of my favorite things. I love to see new places! Since being diagnosed and switching to a paleo diet, traveling can be a little tough because after all a girls gotta eat! 1,826 more words