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A Rad GF Day in Portland with Kyra & Cupcakes

Yes, I am super lucky. I got to go to Kyra’s Bake Shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon (Portland adjacent, and Uber-able) and eat all of the things. 363 more words

Celiac Disease

5 Ways a Mom Gets Gluten'd

As someone who knows exactly how to prepare for, and enjoy, a vacation without eating gluten, I’m here to say that four days into my epic adventure I feel like my body has exploded from within. 448 more words

Celiac Disease

Transformation (video art)

Poem written and read by Jasmine Irving
Dance/choreography by Scout Creswick and Jasmine Irving
Video editing by Scout Creswick
Inspired by Dina Mouton and her farm in France


Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Mandarette, Home State, Mama Shelter & A Cautionary Tale

I’ve figured out the secret to hanging onto the fun, carefree, anything goes life we all had, or attempted to have, before kids. It’s called a week at Grandma’s house and I… 883 more words

modesto in the summer

This is the final post of my San Francisco Summer series… even though it doesn’t take place in SF. The last day of my trip was spent in Modesto, CA, and I’m just going to hit on a couple parts of the day.  577 more words

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Eating Gluten Free in Spain: the good, the bad, and the onions…

It’s been a couple of weeks since Craig and I returned from our week-long jaunt to Altea, a bustling fishing town on the Costa Blanca. As Craig recently gave up meat (he’s still eating the odd bit of fish) and I have given up red meat, limited my chicken in-take and relying mainly on fish, (all while still being gluten free) we knew eating out would be a tough one in Spain. 1,103 more words


What to Gluten-Free Make When It's Hot AF

Holy crap balls, people. I’m shocked to still be here and not completely burned to a crisp on the side of one of the many Los Angeles freeways I’m forced to drive upon in this hellish beginning to summer, because I just freaking gave up and gave into the fire. 642 more words

Celiac Disease