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Frozen Tofu , Hijiki and Daikon simmer  高野豆腐ひじきと切り干し大根の煮付け

Hydrate Frozen Tofu ,Hijiki and Daikon in water for 10mins.  Simmer with Soya sauce, sugar and mirin for 10mins.


Amaranth Flour Gravy

Not gravy, but Red Kuri Pasta Sauce.

My Seasonal Affective Disorder is creeping in, it happens every year and nothing lifts it. I’ll grab whatever sun appears, but other than that it’ll run it’s course. 575 more words

Gluten Free

One-Bowl Oatmeal & Blueberry Muffins

Even though I wake up early to give myself enough time to kickstart the day, I seem to always be in a rush. And as much as I love breakfast, I cannot bring myself to cook anything on weekday mornings. 448 more words


Old-Time Baked Apples with Sauce


My grandmother used to make baked apples for Halloween and I looked forward to them more than candy.

Should you bother with afternoon tea at the Ritz?

Following years of unsuccessful negotiations, and somewhat begrudgingly, I agreed to book afternoon tea for our anniversary.

I don’t wear a suit and tie combo to work, so why would I want to do it when I eat out? 810 more words

Afternoon Tea

Almond biscuits with Orange Blossom Water

There was something I tried a long time ago at a friends, her sister had made biscuits with orange blossom water – I think it was a Moroccan recipe. 510 more words