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Five Gluten Free Breakfasts

How many times were you told as a kid that breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’? I rolled my eyes every time I heard this line come out of my Mums mouth! 1,329 more words


Well it can't possibly make things worse

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some ah..well..to put it politely, gastric distress. And according to Dr. Google, it might be because I am gluten intolerant. Not allergic, but merely intolerant. 216 more words

From now on, I'm grabbing life by the (gluten-free) balls.

I spent the first half of my second semester of in a state of depression. My tentative major and even more tentative career path seemed futile, uninteresting, impossible. 594 more words

Here we go...

Another day of hibernation. Hard to not feel the slug, but at least I stayed calm.

My bro decided to take control with our food and put me on a gluten free diet before we know the results of my test. 976 more words

Coconut Curry

This is one of my all time favorites, especially in the winter. It’s a warming creamy curry with a bit of a kick. 




Hello all, 

I would like to start off by welcoming you to my page. I am Freya, a 16 year old girl with a passion for food. 188 more words


Is Gluten Free Choice a Fad?

I can tell you it is not. It is as real as any intolerant like to peanuts, or eggs or dust, any many other allergies people may suffer from. 780 more words

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