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Thinking of Ditching Gluten? Here's My Guide

So gluten has been in the Irish press a lot in the last week.  Firstly, there’s been much debate on its effects, who can be affected by it and whether going gluten free is just another ‘fad’ diet for people and secondly it’s the start of the Coeliac Roadshow this week. 784 more words


CELIA: Gluten-Free, Organic Lager

You may have read some of my recent posts about gluten-free food products. It’s something I’m trying to learn more about, especially when I discovered just how horrible coeliac disease can be. 560 more words


Of the Irritable Bowel and the Irritable Mind

In many previous posts I have alluded to my diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. There has been an increasing amount of research on this strange, seemingly incurable syndrome in the past decade, yet a societal understanding remains low. 1,096 more words

Gluten Free: How Diet Became Disorder

This post might be one of the heaviest post that I published. Fair warning to anyone reading this who is sensitive about eating disorders or mental illness.

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Recall: Superlife Original Superfood Mix containing undeclared gluten

Superlife Ltd is recalling a batch of its Superlife Original Superfood Mix because it contains gluten and is labelled as ‘gluten free’. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an intolerance to gluten. 108 more words

Trading Standards

Reject Authoritarian Medical Bullshit, Do Your Own Careful Research, Live Long, And Prosper

While the advent of legal Medical Cannabis in many states has made the task of successful self-diagnosis and treatment far less difficult for many people suffering from a wide range of conditions and diseases, and has also made collaborative diagnosis and treatment far easier for people who are fortunate enough to find a thoughtful and insightful physician to work with, there are still many states where people don’t have the Medical Cannabis option, and even in those states where that option is available there are still many people with conditions and diseases for which Medical Cannabis is not the answer, or is not the whole answer. 3,890 more words

"The Gluten-Free Fad and the Logical 'Or'" by Celia Kaye for The Huffington Post

Has the gluten-free fad helped or hurt those who are gluten-free as a medical treatment? There are convincing arguments for both sides. But arguments require logic, and the logical “or” is inclusive (“or” can mean “both”). 41 more words