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How much do you know?

If you have celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, or a wheat allergy – how much do you think you actually know about it?

This short quiz from Celiac.com   is quite informative.

Gluten Free Info

Misdiagnosed - by Jody Berger (2014)

Jody had some mild tingling in her fingers and toes. When it didn’t go away, she scheduled an appointment with her primary care doctor. That doctor sent her on to a neurologist. 313 more words

Biography And Non-fiction

Crafted to "Remove Gluten"

Okay, so I really like trying things and testing the limits of my body with gluten and lactose. I probably shouldn’t but sometimes I just miss certain foods so much. 455 more words


I never wanted to be one of those paranoid people

We all know one of those people. They’re super paranoid about what they eat. Was the chicken cage-free? Was the feed free of antibiotics? What exactly is in that dish? 380 more words


Non-GMO: Let's Be Real

Non-G.M.O. and gluten-free! These labels have been added to a wide variety of food products. If you see these, it must mean that this food product is superior to similar foods that don’t have these labels, right? 530 more words

Smell Test

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up.

The diet bandwagon that is. Last post I was bound and determined to go gluten free. I lasted two WHOLE days! The roller coaster for the last few years is disheartening and,  I’m afraid — has wreaked havoc on my psyche. 332 more words

Finally, a Place to Eat with Your Gluten Free Friend

The restaurant, Senza Gluten, is a savior to those of us with gluten free friends. Lolz. It’s also a savior to people who need to are actually allergic or intolerant to gluten because it’s 100% gluten free. 480 more words

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