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Gluten hangover

A week or two ago I wrote about our gluten-free, dairy-free diet and I mentioned that I don’t feel very different. Well, last Friday night Chris and I were out for drinks and we were hungry so we decided to get a late dinner. 454 more words


This supplement is truly amazing! It contains a probiotic which breaks down gluten, thus allowing you to consume gluten-containing foods. I decided to give this supplement the ultimate test with a pepperoni pizza and wine cheat meal, and for the first time ever, I had no digestive issues whatsoever. 74 more words


The Gluten-Free Trend and What it Means to You

What’s the Word on Gluten?

Gluten, a composite of gliadin and glutenin proteins, is found in different grain, particularly wheat flour, barley, and rye. This substance helps bread rise as is cooks, keeps its shape as it’s stored, and gives elasticity to dough, which gives us a delicious chewy texture. 968 more words

Gluten Intolerance

oh, bother

Sometimes it’s best to be honest and cut yourself some slack regarding “progress” and “resilience”. You gotta deal with crap, or it just builds up and then what you have is MORE crap… 183 more words


Good news for celiac patients in Canada and around the world

Egg yolks to create supplement that could improve lives of people with celiac disease.

Hoon Sunwoo and Jeong Sim have developed a natural supplement from the yolks of chicken eggs that prevents the absorption of gliadin, a component of gluten that people with celiac disease have difficulty digesting. 81 more words


Baked, Not Fried

When I head back to college in roughly a week’s time I have two ten hour days as well as some other smaller days so I’ve been looking for recipes that I can make in advance and take in for lunch and snacks. 338 more words


All cooking should be this easy

The Slow Cooker.  What a great invention.  Cut food up, throw in bowl, turn on and come back to the kitchen 5 hours later to a fully cooked meal with no dramas.  Amazing.