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What it's Like to Live with a Disease that Doesn't Get Taken Seriously

So pretty recently in my life, I discovered that I have what is called Celiac’s Disease.  Celiac is an immune disorder that creates anti-bodies that attacks the gluten protein while it is in the intestines, which destroys the cilia that lines the intestines.   427 more words


The time I self-diagnosed.

Okay. Raise your hands if you’ve ever searched a strange symptom to align it with some sort of diagnosis. You know, so you can feel comfort knowing that itch in your neck doesn’t mean you’re pregnant, you’re just suffering from a severe case of eczema. 400 more words

Quick and easy veal marsala

After ordering gluten free veal marsala last weekend, and discovering to my chagrin that gluten free didn’t mean dairy free as per our waitress, I had to make my own version. 534 more words

Gluten Free

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is finally proven

Over the last several months, I have written several posts on the misinformation not only by the press but by so called experts on whether gluten sensitivity is a myth. 597 more words

Gluten Free

Gluten Intolerance - The Sneaky Allergy

It took me many years to know about Gluten Intolerance, 2 weeks of observation to determine that I have it and a LOT of effort to accept my sensitivity. 680 more words

You can’t eat GM wheat

You can’t eat genetically modified wheat because it’s not commercially available. Contrary to a rumour circulating on social media, gluten intolerance is not on the rise because we are eating genetically modified wheat. 487 more words



So I’ve known that I’m lactose intolerant for a while. And these days any time I eat bread I get so bloated and my stomach is so hard and painful. 59 more words