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I'm buying real pizza this week-and here's why

For anyone who follows or reads my blog on a regular basis, it is no secret that I miss pizza.  In fact, along with Chinese food, it is the one thing I cannot replicate successfully. 387 more words

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brown bag monday: food focus tip

As I’ve made a major switch in my diet four years ago by choosing to eat a plant-based diet and then tweaking that to reduce my sugar intake a couple years later, I’ve come to appreciate just how closely food is tied to our emotions, memories and sense of community.

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Gluten & It's Intolerance

In my few short years of working as home baker, one of the most frequently requested item has been gluten free bread. I run a bakery that specialises in additive free bread and so most people automatically assume that I would be able to provide them with healthy gluten free products. 285 more words

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I accidentally ate wheat pasta...and here's why

Last night, I made another batch of chicken parmesan, and what I thought was gluten free pasta.  I made the pasta in my microwave as I always do.   520 more words

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Could it be What’s on Your Fork?

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

When is an allergy not an allergy at all?  When it is a food sensitivity.

Food sensitivities can result in symptoms such as headaches, dark circles under the eyes, nasal congestion not associated with pollens, sore throats, aches and pains, fatigue and even a “fuzzy” brain. 333 more words

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Been too long

When I first started this, I had just been laid off work, moved back to California and thought I’d start a blog. Within another month I got another job, thank god. 547 more words


Answering Celiac Questions

One thing about celiac disease: when it’s affecting your family, you quickly become an expert on the subject. This is good, because everyone and their brother will ask questions! 1,110 more words