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Food for thought-can cannabis help with celiac disease?

This post is purely informational.  It is not meant to condone illegal cannabis use.

Cannabis has become a much debated and hot topic lately.  Regardless of your stance on whether cannabis should be legalized or not, it is a proven fact that there are definite health benefits.   296 more words

Gluten Free

My "Own" Video

If you are reading this blog, you probably know that I host a gluten free baking show on our local cable channel.  What an amazing opportunity that has been.  638 more words

Gluten and Milk free banana pancakes

A recent development in my life is that I can no longer eat gluten or milk products. I have been suffering with various health issues for several years but for just short of a year these issues have escalated and through several visits to GP’s, Gastroenterology appointments, blood tests, samples and elimination diets the doctors have diagnosed intolerance to milk and gluten. 434 more words


How Does Gluten Affect the Brain?

The widespread occurrence of gluten sensitivity, wheat allergies and celiac disease have been well documented. Many of the related problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort (IBS), rashes, problems with nutrient absorption and bone loss have been reported and observed. 1,297 more words

Biological Medicine

Ode to the hipsters, health nuts, carb cutters

For those who don’t know, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in the summer of 2014. A freaky name tag for something mild.

Without getting too technical, this basically means my body goes to war with gluten whenever I have those proteins. 471 more words

Iatrogenic Disorder

Yesterday the womun dentist pulled two side teeth. Last Night. I ran out of Lithium and and did not sleep a wink.. Not one stinkin’ wink until about 5 AM. 304 more words

How Gluten Destroys Thyroid Health

I have already discussed my disdain for gluten in previous articles, citing numerous research studies reporting its negative effects on the brain and digestive health. Gluten is a very hard protein found in wheat, barley, and rye products, and most individuals today are sensitive — if not downright intolerant — to its structure. 849 more words

Biological Medicine