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Welcome to Save Me Celiac! I’m a Midwest teacher who’s had Celiac Disease (coeliac sprue/ gluten intolerance) for eight years. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas, recipes, product reviews and restaurant experiences for others with this dietary condition. 7 more words


Day 2 gluten free

I cut gluten out of my diet again. This time, I’m better educated than the first time (I’ve done 3 elimination diets over the years- all three times for different amounts of time and all 3 times I had benefits that were noticeable). 1,012 more words

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac with Avocado and Cauliflower

My family’s favorite aspect of my cooking has always been that I’m always creating new dishes, adding random ingredients to classic dishes, and cook a wide variety of things. 540 more words

Gluten Free

Signs something's wrong: hair loss and discoloration

Rogue from X-Men has become my alter-ego in the last year, but I wasn’t always her lookalike. My hair only grayed the summer of 2016 and was originally chocolate brown. 450 more words

Being gluten free, is it really just a trend?

Do you follow a gluten free diet? With estimates suggesting that 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease it is possible you do (Coeliac UK, ND). 790 more words

Picky Eater

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

I wish I had reasons beyond poor health for taking so long to post this recipe. I really wanted this up before Thanksgiving, but having health problems beyond Celiac causes issues during the holidays. 473 more words

Gluten Free

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (gluten and lactose free)

When I was gluten free years ago, I mixed tapioca, brown and white rice flours and made my own baking flour. I do not know if it would work for all cookie recipes, but these cookies look, feel and taste the exact same as they do with normal flour. 103 more words