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If you have Crohn's, do you also have a food intolerance?

Just an idea I wanted to follow up: I know a few people with Crohn’s who are also intolerant to certain food types. What I want to try to get an idea of is: how many people have food intolerances along side Crohn’s, and what sorts of things are people intolerant too. 23 more words

Crohn's Disease

Almond Jam Thumbprints

Back in 2011 I took the WordPress Post-a-day challenge. To accomplish my goal of posting every day for a full year I developed several theme days, one of which was Recipe Friday. 396 more words


Food, the new religion

At lunch today we had a loaf of utterly delicious bread. My wife commented “Aren’t you glad you aren’t gluten-intolerant?” Indeed I am!

Her question prompted me to reflect on the absurdly high percentage of the Australian population which claims to be gluten intolerant; roughly five times higher than the scientifically verifiable incidence. 742 more words

Coming to terms with food intolerance: Why it's so hard for me

Food intolerance. Fad or Fact?

For some people, food intolerance sounds like people making up allergies that aren’t really there to get attention or seem “hip”. 662 more words


Gluten free baking

We’ve some friends coming to stay for the weekend in a few weeks time which we’re looking forward to and planning lots of fun activities for. 479 more words


YL Products & Gluten Concerns

Have concerns about gluten in any of Young Living’s products? Hopefully this page will help alleviate those concerns. None of the lists should be considered all inclusive but as of the date of this posting they should be as accurate as one can possibly maintain. 545 more words

Young Living