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The Second Day of Fitness

Here’s your move for day #2.

On the second day of fitness, the gymrat made me do: a 2 minute bridge!


Lower Body Workout: All Around Legs

Happy Monday! At least it is if you get your butt to the gym by 7:30AM. I did, and I feel pretty damn good. This was my All Around Legs workout this morning: 127 more words


Gluteus Maximus

Happy New year.  Since 2014 has been called “the year of the rear,” I thought this was appropriate.  I think I’ve written about something like this before but here goes again….Yesterday I had a yoga lesson and was in the cobra position that looks like this(this is called a prone press up in the physical therapy world)…. 155 more words


Featured Workout: Explosive Lunges

Mic’s chosen featured exercise to revisit is the Explosive Lunge, which he describes as “a power exercise that incorporates plyometrics with strengthening and balance moves. They work your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves – awesome!  173 more words

Physical Exercise

Ogden, Utah: Getting The Butt You've Always Wanted Will Be A Huge Pain (But Totally Worth It)

My least favorite exercises in the world are:

1) Squats

2) Lunges

Something about both exercises seem awkward and it took me forever to get it just right and by “just right” I mean, “painfully effective.” Squats done right are a huge, well, a huge pain in the butt, but you’ll see the results you’ve always wanted. 269 more words


Muscle Activation Patterns During Sprinting

In order to best train to improve maximum sprinting, a good understanding of the requirements of the muscles involved in this motion must be understood.  The muscles must perform two tasks during sprinting: first, they must produce force to propel the body horizontals; second, they must produce a vertical force to counteract the pull of gravity.  639 more words

Lower Body

Running In a Fog, I found My Glutes

It’s quiet.

I’m alone except for all that lurks in the fog.

A blue heron stands on a rock staring into the fog.

A murder of crows sits along the seawall waiting to pounce on the black mussels on the beach below. 305 more words

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