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Butter roti is Healthier than plain roti

It is weekend! Along with your foodie buddies, you have decided to try out this new restaurant that has become the talk of the town. It is your turn to place the order, and keeping in mind the 2 kilos you’ve put on last month, you safely go for a plain roti with grilled chicken curry. 1,728 more words

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Day 1 - My Weight In Pretzels

I guess you could say today was less than a success. My day started better than the last few–I woke on time. Still didn’t eat breakie though, nope, I just don’t enjoy it. 590 more words


Phần 4: Bệnh tiểu đường: Cách chọn thực phẩm

Đồng ý là ai mắc bệnh tiểu đường hầu hết phải lệ thuộc vào insulin và có thể thuốc uống mỗi ngày. Hầu như bệnh nhân phải có sổ tay ghi chép những gì có thể ăn, đi chợ cũng phải cân nhắc món này có phù hợp vì nếu không họ có thể phải nửa đêm hay rạng sáng gà chưa gáy đi cấp cứu. 1,538 more words

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Healthy Foods You Should Eat Every Day: Infographic

Low Glycemic Certification Lab infographic shows the importance of healthy food to get healthy life or body. Healthy food or diet is essential for everyone to get vitamins, minerals and good nutrients which are most important for growth and development. 14 more words
Glycemic Index

Stop Eating Breakfast ! Start Drinking...

New Years party invitation… You were so ready to have Blassssstttt and eat, drink and get drunk. You have this strapless black, body hugging, silky, elegant dress studded with a diamond lace ready for you to ROCK. 504 more words


Slaying the Sugar Dragon

For many of us, too much sugar is a bad thing, and ditto for processed carbs, like bread, pasta, and rice, which are similar to sugar in terms of how quickly they digest and how much glucose they dump into the bloodstream, with unhealthy consequences. 1,248 more words


Do you want to eat pizza and not screw your diet????

Sunday Late evening, I was finishing up my weekend chores. Kids were busy with their schoolwork. Suddenly, my husband announced, “I am taking you guys out for early dinner.” As usual guessing, we will have big fuss over choosing the restaurant, I ignored him.  550 more words