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Clearing the confusion behind Carbohydrates.

When brainstorming what I’d post on this blog, I thought what better food to talk about than the one that’s been vilified in many fad diets; carbohydrates. 878 more words


Proactiv vs. Kale for Acne

Proactiv vs. Kale?!

I’d take kale over Proactiv any day.  I can tell you from trying Proactiv and many other topical acne treatments that contain many of the same ingredients vs. 1,417 more words

How to Shrink Blood Sugar Spikes and Stabilize Glucose Levels

“”I have the right to do anything,” you say- but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything” -but not everything is constructive.” 1,975 more words

Carbs are bad and other folktales...

If protein is considered the building blocks of the body, then carbs can be called the fuel that powers the machine. 548 more words


Pancake Tuesday ... It's a Sin

Pancake Tuesday.
What’s your poison?
Cinnamon, Sugar and lemon?  Ice-cream?  Melting cheese while the second side cooks and add some chunky Brunswick Ham? Droolings of Sweet sweet syrup? 654 more words


Butter roti is Healthier than plain roti

It is weekend! Along with your foodie buddies, you have decided to try out this new restaurant that has become the talk of the town. It is your turn to place the order, and keeping in mind the 2 kilos you’ve put on last month, you safely go for a plain roti with some chicken curry. 1,747 more words

Did You Know ?

Phần 4: Bệnh tiểu đường: Cách chọn thực phẩm

Đồng ý là ai mắc bệnh tiểu đường hầu hết phải lệ thuộc vào insulin và có thể thuốc uống mỗi ngày. Hầu như bệnh nhân phải có sổ tay ghi chép những gì có thể ăn, đi chợ cũng phải cân nhắc món này có phù hợp vì nếu không họ có thể phải nửa đêm hay rạng sáng gà chưa gáy đi cấp cứu. 1,538 more words

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