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Before I even start talking about SDS-PAGE, I want to remind you that I am no specialist in it. What follows next is just my experience in the lab as a student. 730 more words

Lab Work


Glycerin is a sugar alcohol that may be derived from natural sources or man-made. It is  humectant and is generally seen as a safe cosmetic ingredient… 114 more words


the butter

Butter is produced by churning cream. Under the physical action of churning, the fat globules agglomerate and take on the consistency to form butter; the aqueous portion of the cream becomes buttermilk. 191 more words


Biofuel research at University of Saskatchewan gets a funding boost

SASKATOON – Biofuel producers in western Canada could soon be able to purify and convert ray glycerol more cost-effectively. The federal government announced an investment of nearly $540,000 to the University of Saskatchewan on Friday. 186 more words


E-cigarettes could boost cancer risk!

When heated to the max and inhaled deeply, e-cigarettes produce the toxic chemical formaldehyde, which could make the devices up to 15 times more cancerous than regular cigarettes, US researchers said Wednesday. 440 more words


Did glycerol originally come from space?

Some scientific proof that glycerol (phospholipids) could have originally come from space and maybe helped begin one of the key processes of life on Earth! That, or it was the oceans which were responsible.



C.G.P. - Metabolic Nutrition

C.G.P. stands for Creatine Glycerol Phospahate. Metabolic Nutrition states that C.G.P. is

  • Superior to Creatine Monohydrate
  • Triggers harder muscle contractions
  • Amplifies muscular pumps and enhances vascularity…
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