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Investing in Nature? Or pretzelled people hearing pretzel logic in #Manchester... #climate #redemptionrituals

The format of a meeting always tells you a lot about the ideology of its organisers, and what they are looking to achieve (whether they can admit that – even to themselves – or not). 

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Manchester City Council

Video: @SirRichardLeese opens "Investing in #Nature" seminar in #Manchester

Richard Leese giving the welcome address at the “Investing in Nature” seminar yesterday.  More on this perfect example of “ecological modernisation” soon…

One point – at 8.21 he makes reference to a Green and Blue Infrastructure plan for Manchester. 91 more words

Manchester City Council

"Go for Green" board game developed in #Manchester

Manchester Climate Monthly readers – before learning about the “Go for Green” board game, please go read and I hope sign this petition (if you live, study or work in Manchester). 

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#Climate Local? It better not be deja vu all over again... #Manchester promises...

UPDATE: The image we use here is a screengrab from the latest Low Carbon Hub Bulletin.

So, at the Greater Manchester “Low Carbon Hub” meeting last Friday (1) one of the items for agreement will have had a certain familiarity.  337 more words


Greater #Manchester #climate communications; LIP service, or the real deal? Time will tell. #AGMA

What’s a “PLATFORM”? It’s a new solve-all-your-problems climate communications portal, coming soon(ish) to an internet browser near you. Maybe.

It was first alluded to in a… 375 more words

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