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How To Log Into Gmail

How To Log Into Gmail

If you do not have a Microsoft Account, please click on the Sign up for a Microsoft Account and create one. 339 more words

Russian boy stabbed to death in asylum attack in Germany

Boy was only five

RT – June 4, 2017

A knife-wielding attacker from Afghanistan has captured and lethally injured a 5-year-old boy and wounded his Russian mother in the Bavarian municipality of Arnschwang. 182 more words

Gmail Login: Sign in your Gmail.com account now!

Gmail is one of the most popular platforms where people send mails and communicate. There are many people who are looking for Gmail accounts. The process of logging can be confusing at times for some people. 769 more words


New sign-in Page coming to Google accounts

Load up the sign-in page for any of your Google accounts and you’ll notice a little notification at the bottom saying there’s a “New look for sign-in coming soon”, as can be seen in the image in this article. 153 more words

Angular2 Component for Login with Google!

import { Component, ElementRef, AfterViewInit } from '@angular/core';
declare const gapi: any;

  selector: 'google-signin',
  template: 'Google Sign-In'
export class GoogleSigninComponent implements AfterViewInit {

  private clientId: string = '';

  private scope = [
  ].join(' ');

  public auth2: any;
  public googleInit() {
    let that = this;
    gapi.load('auth2', function () {
      that.auth2 = gapi.auth2.init({
        client_id: that.clientId,
        cookiepolicy: 'single_host_origin',
        scope: that.scope
  public attachSignin(element: any) {
    let that = this;
    that.auth2.attachClickHandler(element, {},
      function (googleUser: any) {
          .then((response: any) => {
      }, function (error: any) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(error, undefined, 2));
  constructor(private element: ElementRef,
    private authService: AuthService

  ) {
    console.log('ElementRef: ', this.element);

  ngAfterViewInit() {


Gmail signup

Create Your Gmail Account In the Least complicated Way!

There may be many good reasons why chances are you’ll have to create yet another Gmail account and e-mail tackle. 638 more words

Gmail Login