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Allies in your Mistakes

I have been MIA…I know but between work, family and studying I have barely had time for anything else.  That and its hard for me to tear myself away from books once I become immersed in them. 236 more words


My journey to a 760 on the GMAT with a month's prep

In February 2012, I decided to take the GMAT plunge. It is hard for me to study for an exam over an extended period of time. 1,715 more words

#1 Month

Calm before the Prep

Its been a couple of uneventful days. I’ve been gathering material in order to prepare for the GMAT and I have also joined an international study group- 137 more words


Books, Books and More Books

I love books. My brother used to tease me because I liked to smell my books, but I didn’t care. As a matter a fact I still do. 190 more words


Stalking and a Plan

After spending the better half of today stalking two websites (gmat club and beat the gmat) I was finally able to develop a study plan for myself! 446 more words


An infographic

Found this great infographic by mba.com.  Perfect starting point for those of us just starting out. You can view the original here


Training for a Marathon

The marathon-considered the quintessential endurance race for runners. No, I am not a runner…far from it in fact and no, I have never run a marathon.   567 more words