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4 Specialty Retail Takeover Deals That Make Sense

There are two ways to grow a business, increase sales and revenues from an internal or organic way, or use cash and company stock to make a purchase. 580 more words


What to Expect From the E3 Expo

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is set to occur this week in Los Angeles. This is one of the largest trade fairs for the video game industry where developers, publishers and manufacturers reveal the latest games or merchandise that is about to hit the market. 394 more words


Is GameStop Paying Too Much for Geeknet?

Multiple companies can sniff out a good target for an acquisition, and sometimes this can result in bidding wars, in which the price being paid might not be the price deserved. 359 more words


GameStop Earnings Take It to the Next Level

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) reported its fiscal first-quarter results after the markets closed Thursday. The gaming giant had $0.68 in earnings per share (EPS) on $2.06 billion in revenue. 390 more words


5 Key Earnings Previews for the Week Ahead

24/7 Wall St. has put together a preview of some of the larger companies reporting their quarterly results in the last week of May. We have reviewed the consensus earnings estimates from Thomson Reuters and the stock price and trading history, as well as added some additional color on each. 698 more words


How and when do shipping companies sponsor you for Marine Engineering education

After high school, enroll into a Bachelor of Engineering course in Mechanical Engineering.

Many companies come for during campus placements (around semester 6 and semester 8), in this period a few shipping companies (Anglo Eastern, Fleet Management and more) come to campuses and offer a one year sponsorship for your Graduate Marine Engineering course after your undergraduate studies. 127 more words


Fritz Feddy - Bird Man

Keep an eye out for GME and Fritz Feddy out of Capital Heights Maryland in PG County!

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