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Is Monsanto the Big Bad?

We all play the blame game. When we look for someone to pin our fears on, we invest them with power and they get bigger and badder in our minds. 607 more words

The Difference Between Heirloom Seeds, Hybrid Seeds, and GMO Seeds

Special Note: After several years of writing all of the posts on this blog (over 220) I have decided to start accepting guest posts from readers. 666 more words

Gardening And Food Production

Monsanto earnings fall 34% after a year of global protests

via. theguardian.com/business/2015/jan/07/

Company that has come under fire for its genetically modified seeds said its earnings fell 34% in its first fiscal quarter


Associated Press…

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Safe Seeds

The winter holidays are upon us. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, temperate climate, that means that Seed Catalogs are not far behind! We will spend those long, cold days of late winter drooling over the fruits and veggies that we’ll be planting as soon as the ground thaws. 426 more words


Ralph Nader: Piercing the Technology Bubble

In 1996, Mander and Edward Goldsmith brought together several prominent writers to contribute essays to the book titled The Case Against the Global Economy. …Eighteen years ago, many wrote off this book as an exaggeration, when in fact it underestimated the damage to people of various economic statuses from both developing and developed countries caused by unbridled corporatism. 1,282 more words

Corporate Empire

ATTENTION: ChufaMix doesn't work with transgenic seeds!

Seeds and water are necessary elements that we use with Chufamix to make vegetable milks. Seeds and water, similarly to the Earth and the Sun, are the fundamentals of life. 318 more words

Vegetable Milk

The GMO Suicides

Since 1997, there have been over 270,000 suicides by farmers in India’s Cotton Belt.

The entry of Monsanto in the Indian seed sector was made possible with a 1998 Seed Policy imposed by the World Bank, requiring the Government of India to deregulate the seed sector. 1,251 more words

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