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Environmentalists support increased Zika infections

Pinellas County, Florida officials recently weighed in in favor of using genetically modified mosquitoes in order to halt the spread of the Zika virus. The area is one of the first reported sites of the disease’s outbreak in North America in which there are no medications to treat the illness or vaccines to prevent its spread. 197 more words

GMO's 101 - Because this issue is confusing AF

The topic of GMOs pops up a lot in the various Facebook groups that I’m a member of and at the most basic level there’s a lot of confusion around simply what a GMO is and why it’s bad. 190 more words


The Future of Biotechnology and GMO Foods [rough edit]

“The technology involved in creating GMOs is potentially invaluable to the continued evolution of human agriculture.”

Humans have been genetically modifying organisms for centuries through the process of selective breeding – ensuring the preferred trait of the organism was passed on. 728 more words


Big baby 

Back in Germany, that means wifi! I really enjoyed my almost internet free cave man styled vacation! The only negative thing I can say about the polish vacation except from the very big spiders, is the variety of vegetarian food, if I think about Camembert cheese and grilled zucchini I can feel my breakfast working its way upwards… … 105 more words

GMOクラウド、月500円/25GBから使えるバックアップ&復元サービス [ #cloud ]

GMOクラウドは8月25日、30世代分のデータを自動保存する、Webサイトとデータベースのバックアップ&復元サービス「torocca !byGMO(torocca!)」の提供を開始したと発表した。torocca!は、Webサイトのコンテンツとデータベースのバックアップおよび復元を一元管理できるサービス。データの自動保存とワンクリックでの復元に加え、Webサイトとデータベースを24時間365日監視する各種「モニター機能」を備えている。



Hello to the Autism Collective blog!

This is going to be my very first post – yay! A little bit about me: I’m a board certified Nurse Practitioner, and I work with clients and families with… 609 more words