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Is Organic really Organic?

I love social media outlets, I really do. They allow me to channel my passion for holistic health and communication into perceptive pieces of information that slowly (very slowly) make their way to the brains and mouths of others. 977 more words

Science Policy Around the Web - May 22, 2015

By: Agila Somasundaram, Ph.D.

Drug Policy and Biotechnology

A Way to Brew Morphine Raises Concerns Over Regulation

Traditionally, heroin has been made from poppy – the opium from poppy seeds yields morphine, which can then be refined to heroin. 1,212 more words


POP Nutrition | Organic vs. Non-GMO

I think we are what we eat and that, at least for me personally, goes beyond just macro-nutrients (e.g., carbohydrates, proteins and fats).  I am blessed with an option to be able to buy mostly organic foods including produce, milk, cheese, and the list goes on. 1,215 more words

Peak Optimal Performance Nutrition

VIDEO: Golden Rice & Why You Should Not Fund Greenpeace

A quickie (9 mins) video on the controversy surrounding Golden Rice and Greenpeace’s lasting legacy to the future…

Video by Myles Power. H/T to mem_somerville for this share.


Questions About Biological Worm Spray (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki)

I get many questions regarding the use of biological caterpillar (worm) spray. There are many misconceptions about how this valuable tool is used. Let’s clear the air! 382 more words


Monsanto Says Deal Would Mean Sale of Syngenta Seed Unit

Monsanto Co. said its proposed acquisition of Syngenta AG would include the sale of all of the Swiss company’s assets for conventional and genetically modified seeds in an effort to overcome regulatory concerns. 90 more words