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How can we change people's behaviour?

I recently woke to the news that environmental activists were arrested for scaling the roof of New Zealand’s parliament to raise awareness of climate change (my alarm is set to the Today programme, so I guess I’m not alone). 325 more words

Genetic Modification

New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile | Natural Society

New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile | Natural Society.

Still think GMOs and their non-GMO counterparts are equivalent? Think again. Unlike GM corn, non-GMO corn doesn’t cause sterility. 582 more words


What Peter Brabeck CEO of Nestle thinks about your right to water

“Water is of course the most important raw material we have today in the world. It’s a question of whether we should privatise the normal water supply for the population.

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What Are We Doing to Ourselves? 84,000 Chemicals, and Only 1% Have Been Tested

Women are particularly at risk because they use more personal care products than men.

By Reynard Loki

There are around 84,000 chemicals on the market, and we come into contact with many of them every single day. 408 more words


The floodgates are opened, alternative title: the broccoli wars

The European patent office this year reached a landmark ruling that will allow for most novel plants to be patentable in Europe. The name of this legal battle: Tomato II & Broccoli II. 347 more words

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