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You belongs to the company leadership of MONSANTO and you work at the headquarters of the company in Saint Louis, Missouri
– You are Jerry, who works to protect bee health… 162 more words



As the creator of the blog GMO Awareness and with the help of your best friends, Anthony Samsel, a retired science consultant and a long time contributor to the Mercola.com Vital Votes Forum, and  Dr. 136 more words


GMO - We Have the Right to Know What's in Our Food

Americans are being force-fed GMO’s without their knowledge or consent. On average, Americans consume more than their weight in GMOs each year – 193 pounds of GMOs per person. 547 more words


Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft

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Control is moving back to the center, where powerful companies and governments are creating choke points. They are using those choke points to destroy our privacy, limit our freedom of expression, and lock down culture and commerce.

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5 Surprisingly Genetically Modified Foods

Believe it or not, farmers have been modifying foods for years in order to improve taste and yield. During modification, farmers would still rely on the natural reproductive process of the plant. 359 more words


US Patents Signal End of Pesticides and GMO

From Zen Gardener, by Jefferey Jaxen, Feb 2015

Humanity is facing a problem. Our immediate environment is riddled with pesticides. They are making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. 541 more words


Monsanto’s Trojan Horse will eat in EU Fields

From NEO, by F. William Engdahl, Feb 2015

Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European Union. A rotten compromise has just been approved, amid great fanfare from both pro-GMO and anti-GMO sides, which will allow national governments to individually decide whether or not to ban GMO crops on their lands. 733 more words

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