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Reblogging: GMOs vs. Artificial Selection

The Ricochet Science blog post below—written by a talented college senior—is an interesting introduction to the difference between GMOs and organisms that are the products of artificial selection. 237 more words



1 widespread public outrage: indignation, fury, anger, rage, disapproval, wrath, resentment.
2 it is an outrage: scandal, offense, insult, injustice, disgrace.
3 the bomb outrage: atrocity, act of violence/wickedness, crime, wrong, barbarism, inhumane act. 3,647 more words


Anti-GMO Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones is Selling GMOs

We’re living in a strange new reality in the United States.  Our citizens are forced to deal with problems such as terrorist attacks that never happened (e.g. 720 more words


6 Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Agribusiness is all about profits, not your health. It is an industry that has developed a system of food production that’s completely forgotten what food is all about: nutrition and health — not to mention taste. 1,074 more words

Biological Medicine

Results of 20 year 'Roundup-Ready' experiment are in

The promise of genetic modification was twofold: By making crops immune to the effects of weedkillers and inherently resistant to many pests, they would grow so robustly that they would become indispensable to feeding the world’s growing population, while also requiring fewer applications of sprayed pesticides. 166 more words


GMO's and the Global Panic Attack

It’s very difficult to filter through the nonsense that the global media presents us with especially when many news outlets are jumping at the same opportunities to create mass reader engagement. 2,211 more words

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