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Syngenta lawsuits US $5.7b damages claimed from GMO corn - The Standard

Syngenta decided to commercialize its Viptera brand of genetically modified corn seeds before China approved importing it. Syngenta invested over US$100 million and 15 years in developing Viptera, which has a trait called MIR162 that protects against pests such as earworms, cutworms, armyworms and corn borers. 69 more words

Don't be Fooled By a Label

Food marketing is a multi-billion dollar business, and it is based on the premise and the prayer that you as a consumer are an idiot. 966 more words

Food Facts

Amun Ra El Explains Nature

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Why are meats separated from fruits and vegetables in grocery stores?  Because raw meat contaminates life, argues Amun Ra El.   926 more words


Toxic Pesticides Found in Drinking Water

by Dr. Mercola, Guest, Waking Times

Modern agricultural practices have led to ever-increasing amounts of chemicals being used on our food, and whether we’re talking about… 903 more words


GMO: Syngenta, China and The GMO Corn Shipments

The Latest of the Story as reported by Bloomberg on 24.4.2017:  http://goo.gl/fj9y7x

and Copy of the Lawsuit issued at District Court for Hennepin County, Minnesota (Minneapolis): syngenta-litigation_75_3125724104


Oregon may let farmers sue Monsanto, other GMO patent-holders, for crop contamination

Cross-contamination from GE crops can make other crops worthless, and can ruin seed lines that have taken decades to develop, farmers say.

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