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Six Degrees of Pseudoscience

Those who make a living spreading bullshit and misinformation are a very small incestuous group. What I always find fascinating is that when I find a new pseudoscience proponent to shoot down with cold, hard logic, and indisputable facts, they are always in some way connected to someone else I have previously talked about.  787 more words


Foods that we eat, affect the human vehicle and the human life span. The nervous body is directed by memories, sensual experiences, the air we breathe and most importantly, the food we consume, whether this food is in the form of affection, rejection, chemically affected or organic, it all impacts the nervous body.

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Vitamin power : Prenatals and Fertility

Vitamins Vital for Pregnancy –  Prenatals

Vitamins deliver healthier babies. The first few weeks of pregnancy are especially crucial to the developing embryo. Yet many women only begin to eat right and take necessary vitamin supplements once they know they are pregnant. 494 more words


GMO's: This little seed went to market

We’re in episode 2 of our first series. In this episode we talked a few people at both ends of how a GMO seed gets from development to field. 965 more words


GMO's: What's in a name?

“GMO” has become a word that’s used all the time. We see “non-GMO” products on boxes in the store and labels above our vegetables. 974 more words


GMO's: What's on the menu?

This is the final episode of our first series. Today we’re bringing the story full circle by looking at what happens when we have a genetically engineered plant on our plate. 998 more words