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GMOs hidden in new labeling law

The USDA has released its final GMO labeling rule. The so-called GMO labeling law will apply only to a narrow set of foods. Congress and the USDA have offered a number of loopholes and exemptions to food companies, undermining any semblance of a consumer’s right to know.The agency has decided to use the term “bioengineered”—a term many Americans may not be familiar with—rather than GMO.  252 more words


A Frankenstein Tomato

While I am waiting for my own tomatoes to grow, I still have to buy them from the super market.  The strangest thing happened when I cut this one in half.  57 more words


Should non-milk be labeled 'milk'?

In a world with ever-increasing food choices for consumers, the names of those food items are starting to become a real issue.  An example being milk and it’s non-dairy milk varieties. 559 more words

The Anti-GMO Movement's Mafia-Like Tactics?

Investigative reporter Kevin Mooney has a column with the Washington Examiner blasting the strong-arm tactics of the Non-GMO Project.

Mooney equates their methods with the mafia and if a food producer don’t do as they are told, the manufacturer will be on the receiving end of a marketing campaign to ruin their reputation and slander their products. 186 more words


The Exciting World of Biotechnology Today

Background: What is Biotechnology?

In simple terms, biotechnology is the field of study oriented around utilizing techniques of molecular biology in order to manipulate the basic building blocks of life and use organisms as tools (1). 702 more words


What is GMO, Does it matter, and When should I care about it?


Let’s be honest, there’s no avoiding the dreaded GMO discussion! With so many opinions, it’s hard to know where to stand, but FEAR NO MORE we are going to unpack the gory details of what GMO actually means and when you should care about it. 727 more words


5 Years Of Fraud: Whole Foods Lies About GMO Labeling

“Whole Foods Market, now owned by Amazon, has pulled off an elaborate five-year GMO labeling hoax that deceived its own customers while promoting the ongoing sales of genetically engineered foods. 84 more words