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GMO vs Organic

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Most of us don’t think into the foods we put into our bodies on the regular basis. We wonder why we have simple but yet bothersome problems such as constipation, loss of remembrance or insomnia. 255 more words

Genetically modified pigs

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Two weeks ago, researchers at the University of Edinburgh published a scientific article where they showed how they had genetically modified pigs to be resistant to a certain disease. 451 more words


To B.E. Or Not To B.E. - That Is The Question

What is B.E. Or BioEngineered? And What Does It Mean For Our Food?

Over the past 20 years consumers have been waging a war on GMO foods, and winning. 1,340 more words

The Legacy of Pigs

Every time we raise pigs, I am astounded at the amount of damage they can do to a landscape.  If left in one spot too long, they devour and devastate even mature forests. 1,931 more words

Little Weed, Big Problem


A genetically modified grass is loose in Oregon. It could have been much worse.

In the failing light of an unusually warm January day, Jerry Erstrom and I race along a dirt track behind Rod Frahm’s white pickup. 249 more words


Activist, Environmentalist and Agitator Dr. Patrick Moore Speaks Out

Two years ago, The Vancouver Sun interviewed Greenpeace co-founder and scientist Dr. Patrick Moore. In this exchange, Moore shares his views with interviewer Stu McNish on topics such as the environmentalist movement, Greenpeace, climate change,and GMO’s.

Climate Change

Guns and GMOs: The EOTWAWKI

I thought about dropping in on the Canada Day Action Shooting League 3-Gun shoot.  The previous few weeks, my two sick daughters were showing some good signs of improvement… until Saturday, and this happened to my 3 year old daughter (all over her body): 590 more words