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Black Selfhood and Trauma

This will be a bit of a ramble, I just had to get my thoughts down!

I recently watched a lecture by Dr. Joy deGruy in which she discusses ‘post traumatic slave syndrome.’ PTSS describes the actions and behaviors created by the multi-generational trauma experienced by African Americans due to slavery. 322 more words

Black Women

Build Media Mind Muscles

Learning to think about media, or media literacy, is both fun and functional.  Sure we live in a media saturated world, straight mainlining image and messages 24.7–but do you think about it?   521 more words

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When Fox News, David Brock, Identity and Adoption Intersect: Where’s the Outrage?

February 24, 2012
By Adam Pertman

Imagine for a moment that David Brock, founder of the watchdog organization Media Matters, was African American or Asian or Jewish or Catholic or gay or disabled (I don’t have a clue about his sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion or physical condition, by the way, but bear with me for a moment). 781 more words


Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

International human rights groups denounce the practice of surgically castrating sex offenders as ‘degrading’ and say it’s going back in time in terms of an eye for an eye. 202 more words