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Major Chat (and Lieutenant Gripe)

Actually, I’m going to start with the gripe.

I really want to buy this album. I mean, you’ve just listened to the excerpts right? So now you do too, obviously. 417 more words

Hey Colossus

GNOD: Gestalt

Tesla Tapes download

This 50-minute piece of tectonic drone vibration is a companion piece to the Salford noisemeister’s majestic Infinity Machines, released earlier this year. Initially just for sale at gigs but now available through GNOD-man… 275 more words

Peter Kemp, The World is Yours

Fancy 6 hours of music for a fiver?

I came across this at the weekend when I was searching for a back catalogue of my… 110 more words

Hey Colossus

GNOD - Infinity Machines

Bit obvious, really. To be honest, I was secretly hoping it was going to be a bit of a letdown… no chance.

It does take some listening, though. 243 more words

Hey Colossus

Several friends pointing us towards this lately, and yeah, we’re feelin’ it. Never would have
believed in a million years that saxophone could be so successfully incorporated with… 100 more words

Check out these tools for discovering new music

Need help discovering some new music? Look no further, because Music Map has got your back.

The site lets users enter an artist they like and then provides a mind-map style page of similar artists. 180 more words

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