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The GNOME 3.20 release

Time has passed and we finally made it: GNOME 3.20 just got released. I’m writing this post in a full GNOME 3.20 + Wayland session (thanks Arch folks, is amazing). 432 more words


News about GNOME News

Aye, folks! Some time ago, we had some movement regarding the News app. It was so. freaking. cool! Finally a good alternative of the now-dead Google Reader. 205 more words


GNOME Calendar 3.19.90 was released

Aye folks! This was a very productive cycle for GNOME Calendar, and this release is the result of a hardworked cycle. First of all, the bad news: no DnD support, no Week View, no, no, no! 402 more words


Endless joined GNOME Advisory Board

Right after I wrote about my unexpected dream hacking routine at Endless, an intriguingly positive news arose: Endless joined GNOME Advisory Board, and I particularly think I should talk about that. 282 more words


What's going on with GNOME To Do

Aye folks! Since a few weeks ago, GNOME To Do saw quite a big number of changes. As some of you may not be strict git followers, a good review of the latest changes may come in handy. 411 more words


Quick guide to port an app for Gtk+ 3.20

Recently, there was a lot of action happening in Gtk+ git repository. It was the so called CSS Nodes, which supposely came to improve Gtk’s CSS features and other good things. 568 more words


Batch file renaming in Nautilus

I and Carlos Soriano, the upstream maintainer of Nautilus, have been discussing if batch file renaming is a feature that makes a sense for the default file browser in GNOME and Fedora. 127 more words