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GNOME Music is fast again

Yo GNOMErs! It’s been a while, huh?

Yesterday I was with a very strong headache, and I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to listen to some classical music and see if I could relax a little bit. 61 more words


The new Keyboard panel

After implementing the new redesigned Shell of GNOME Control Center, it’s now time to move the panels to a bright new future. And the… 129 more words


GNOME Calendar supports alarms

In another of my (appearently common) insomnia nights, I decided to add a cool new to my pet application – Calendar.

Something fast enough to be done in one night, but still useful. 24 more words


CSS blend modes in Gtk+

As part of my work on Endless, I have to maintain and adapt GNOME applications to better suit our needs. This usually includes fixing bugs, working around limitations of the toolkit, and sometimes implementing new features. 192 more words


An update on the Control Center

Following my previous post about the GNOME Control Center, here’s a quick n’ dirty update on the current status:

  • As many of you requested, it now uses symbolic icons (and looks very neat!)
  • 64 more words

The Future of GNOME Control Center

Hello, GNOMErs! As some of you may be aware, I’m working on porting our beloved GNOME Control Center to match the latest mockups. Not alone, however; we’re a Team. 561 more words


GNOME Calendar and Drag n' Drop

One of the most intuitive ways to interact with an application is reproducing what we do in real life. Applications try to shorten the learning curve by using metaphores of real world objects. 120 more words