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Why Epiphany isn't my default browser (and how that just changed)

GNOME has a collection of highly integrated applications that follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and, for me, many of them aren’t quite useful. That’s pretty sad. 350 more words


What the future holds (or plans for GNOME 3.20)

We did it. Yes, we finally made it. We’re having the 3.18 release, and is the best release ever – just like every GNOME release. We saw many cool features landing, a number of awsome project which the GNOME interns (hey, I was one of them too!) worked on this summer and lots of exciting news going around. 408 more words


Productivity, made better

Two months ago, GNOME To Do was introduced to the outside world. People got (unexpectedly, I must admit) excited about it, and said that the app looks promising. 245 more words


Other Locations on Nautilus (GSoC final report)

Did you see what just happened with Nautilus? In case you didn’t, here’s what happened:

Yes, Nautilus now is able to display Other Locations view, and finally it caught up with Gtk+ file chooser! 514 more words


Cleaning the house (GSoC #6) & GUADEC

Some thoughts on Nautilus

During the last weeks, the code on Gtk+ side is more or less settled, so I started working on Nautilus.

The current situation is desperating. 394 more words


GNOME To Do 3.17.4

After introducing GNOME To Do, it finished a very important cycle of development and we had a great set of fresh features for 3.17.4 release. Check them out: 75 more words


Annoucing GNOME Calendar 3.17.4

During the last period, GNOME Calendar received many improvements and bugfixes.


  • Calendar’s Month view received a nice keyboard navigation feature.
  • Many code optimizations, cleanups and fixes…
  • 31 more words