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What's going on with GNOME To Do

Aye folks! Since a few weeks ago, GNOME To Do saw quite a big number of changes. As some of you may not be strict git followers, a good review of the latest changes may come in handy. 411 more words


Quick guide to port an app for Gtk+ 3.20

Recently, there was a lot of action happening in Gtk+ git repository. It was the so called CSS Nodes, which supposely came to improve Gtk’s CSS features and other good things. 568 more words


Batch file renaming in Nautilus

I and Carlos Soriano, the upstream maintainer of Nautilus, have been discussing if batch file renaming is a feature that makes a sense for the default file browser in GNOME and Fedora. 127 more words


Free as in available space (Nautilus & Gtk update)

One of the greatest things in contributing to GNOME is the ability to have a really close contact with highly skilled designers. We, mere programmers, learn… 140 more words


Why Epiphany isn't my default browser (and how that just changed)

GNOME has a collection of highly integrated applications that follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and, for me, many of them aren’t quite useful. That’s pretty sad. 350 more words


What the future holds (or plans for GNOME 3.20)

We did it. Yes, we finally made it. We’re having the 3.18 release, and is the best release ever – just like every GNOME release. We saw many cool features landing, a number of awsome project which the GNOME interns (hey, I was one of them too!) worked on this summer and lots of exciting news going around. 408 more words


Productivity, made better

Two months ago, GNOME To Do was introduced to the outside world. People got (unexpectedly, I must admit) excited about it, and said that the app looks promising. 245 more words