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Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 utopic Unicorn Stable release

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Introducing GNOME 3.14

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How to start a program automatically in Linux desktop

Sometimes you may want to launch a program automatically when you log in to your Linux desktop. Such start-up programs can conduct system-wide configuration (e.g., auto proxy) or user-specific desktop customization (e.g., Conky), at the time you log in to your desktop. 9 more words

GNOME 3.16 The Latest Version of GNOME 3 Released !

GNOME 3.16 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of six months’ work by the GNOME project. It includes major new features, as well as a large number of smaller improvements and enhancements. 25 more words


I get by with a little help from my friends!

Yeah, that’s not a peppermint lifesaver, its the help center for most linux distributions. For me it is found on the Gnome desktop by going to System – third menu option titled “Help”. 44 more words

Another wallpaper changer for Gnome and Unity

The previous wallpaper changer that I wrote in Python served me well for the last 2 years, but sometimes it would get stuck with some wallpapers: of the 200 pictures I have in my wallpapers folder (mostly taken from… 696 more words


GNOME – GLib 2.36.3 Stable Release | Apt-Get GNU Linux

GNOME – GLib 2.36.3 Stable Release | Apt-Get GNU Linux.

The third maintenance release of the Glib 2.36 library for the GNOME 3.8 desktop environment was made available for download last evening, June 10, 2013, fixing seven annoying bugs.