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Among all those native English-speakers who have been struggling with Pir Aqbal the Impaled in the Albanian, this product is sure to be enthusiastically received.


Eat Right For Your Magical Type

My latest book, “Eat Right For Your Magical Type” is now available on Kindle. $3.99  247 pages.

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About this book:   Why am I acting this way? 326 more words

Playscape Landscapes

As the gnome requests are filled, and having now made hundreds of the little playful wool fiber sculptures, the playscape became an important design feature to develop. 138 more words


It's a Hard Gnome Life - for us.

Greetings Tinkers and Tinkettes

With the recent announcement of the much anticipated and desired Gnome Hunters, that (us) the (gnomish) community have been asking for, for so long. 765 more words

Picture #38

No, dear, the hat you gave me fits perfectly. I’m just waiting for my head to grow into it.


Great News!!!

Pip the gnome here. I’m so excited! The next book in the Redemption series, Rebecca’s Destiny, is available for pre-sale on Kindle now and will be available for purchase on Monday. 150 more words