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Nautilus Can Not Handle Windows Shares

It was a surprise for me when I realized that Nautilus could not connect to Windows network or smb locations.

GVFS, which is the virtual file system of the GNOME desktop environment, does not come with SMB support by default, and this was the whole reason of this unexpected behavior. 12 more words


Gnome Historian

With my book finished and another project in the works, I took some time out of hectic work schedule of a full time job and new projects to draw this gnome historian, who could easily be hiding some where in Fablewood. 36 more words

The Adventure of Idgryll the Drunken Gnome (part one)

I finally dusted off this story which has been lying around my office under various piles of radio gear, other piles of half-finished stories and lord knows what else. 1,451 more words


Why Epiphany isn't my default browser (and how that just changed)

GNOME has a collection of highly integrated applications that follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and, for me, many of them aren’t quite useful. That’s pretty sad. 350 more words


alliance warlock - Spons

This gnome is a destruction warlock on Arygos Eu. His professions are not yet known ;) This is my 11th alt and my third level 100 alliance character. 26 more words