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Image wrangling with GEGL: an introduction

One of the core dependencies of GNOME Photos, other than GTK+ and Tracker, is a library called GEGL. It is a GObject-based image processing library primarily developed for… 721 more words


CentOS 6.x VirtualBox build

Windows 10 host, CentOS 6.9 guest, VirtualBox 5.1.30:



WHAT A SESSION. DND was exactly what I needed this week.

P.S. peep my new bard skills 👀


Christmas Stop Motion

Christmas is here in Stop Motion!

So my Littlest Boy was sitting around yesterday wasting time on the computer and I said ‘Hey, why don’t you make me a… 164 more words

Composition and Lines

Hi Everyone. Building on my last blog about lines in images (November 10, 2017 “Leading Lines”), this week I thought I would show you how composition and lines really work hand in hand. 693 more words


Gnome 3.26: How to get the window titles in the activities view back?

Some smarty pants decided that it's a good idea to remove the window titles from the activities view in Gnome 3.26 with the default theme, unless you hover your mouse over a window. 78 more words


Go Big or Go Gnome

Here’s a little secret you may not know about me: I Love Gnomes. I think they are cute, and fun, and all around fantastic! So, when we were at the library this week, and I happened upon this book, I had to pick it up: 61 more words