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GNOME Calendar and Drag n' Drop

One of the most intuitive ways to interact with an application is reproducing what we do in real life. Applications try to shorten the learning curve by using metaphores of real world objects. 120 more words


Missing Gnome Geniuses: part 2 of 2

There are lot of Genius Archetypes that gnomes could benefit from.

The Great Detective.  Think Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant character with an eye for detail that gave him an almost supernatural edge over his peers.   360 more words

Tom is welcomed in the gnome family!

After I did made Michelle, I felt she needed a friend. And what could be nicer than to give this fellow a musical instrument? He fits superbly well in the gnome family so I’m glad that I can present him to you. 57 more words


Missing Gnome Geniuses: Part 1 of 2

Let’s face it.  Gnome are sold as a super intelligent race of genius engineers, but in practice everything they do seems to fall flat on it’s face.   215 more words

Heroes Of The Storm Finally Gets A Gnome, Sort Of

(Source: kotaku.com)


How can a game that celebrates the greatest characters across all Blizzard properties have three dwarves and not one gnome? It can’t, so Heroes of the Storm now has a gnome, though technically she’s a dragon. 139 more words


#TransmogTuesday Challenge!

It’s #TransmogTuesday!  I issued a challenge last week and want to see what YOU have to offer!  Come up with an outfit to match this New TAMABLE Mechanostider from Gnomeregan! 26 more words