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Gnome Beliefs

Gnomes are not superstitious.  In a world with arcane magic, divine power, and interdimensional beings, these things are as natural as gravity, magnets, and electricity.  Gnomeregan lacks the mythological origin stories that other cultures use to inform themselves who they are.   605 more words


BAD TASTE GNOME Vulnerability leads to Code Injection in Linux

A new vulnerability(CVE-2017-11421) has been discovered by German security researcher Nils Dagsson Moskopp dubbed as BAD TASTE , which is a code injection vulnerability in the thumbnail handler component of GNOME Files file manager that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on targeted Linux machines. 429 more words

Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 2

Author’s Note: Valor and company don’t know what they’re in for… :o


Getting Ready for ‎GUADEC 2017

Only a few days left until the GUADEC 2017 takes place in Manchester! :D

Thanks so much to the GNOME Foundation for placing its trust and confidence in my abilities in involvement and commitment to the community over the past seven years.     145 more words

Julita Inca

Say hello to the new Wi-Fi panel

Hello my GNOME friends :)

Y’all know that we’re taking big steps to move Settings (a.k.a Control Center) to a brand-new, super shiny layout. As a courtesy of our beloved designer, Allan Day, we have mockups of a new Settings layout that is both modern and preserves (most of) the functionality we already have. 325 more words


Book 1 Chapter 2 Page 32

Author’s Note: And so the chapter where I learned to make my art with a mixture of GIMP and MSPaint comes to a close. In the next chapter, I added Paint Shop Pro to my toolbox, and began the style of art which I am much more satisfied with. See you there! 8-)


Something I Realised Earlier

Whilst having a read of some other bloggers material I found myself responding to an article saying I can only really write silly stories or comedy, basically anything aimed at children.   513 more words