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Quotation of the month - the alchemy of reading in Nick Harkaway's Gnomon

At 704 pages, Nick Harkaway’s Gnomon is quite a commitment for the most dedicated reader. And you might find yourself having to reach for the dictionary every few pages. 235 more words


The 14th & 15th; So tedious.

The 14th of February.

Oh boy, what a sleep. The hotel was comfortable enough, but the pillows were dreadful (squishy as fuck), so my first night of no stress in my own bed was beautiful. 349 more words



he fancies himself
a fisherman

as he leans
a little
nearer in to the stone
and taps
to chisel
to rock


another part… 167 more words

2018 Sundry Poems

the filament song

the filament
is very fine

it slides


past the one
and around
the next
to where the electricity
sending all its signals out… 129 more words

2018 Sundry Poems

Further Adventures in Adulting

1. Hey, so, we bought a new car over the weekend.  I feel like I’m finally an Adult.  Yes, we have a child; yes, we bought a house.  656 more words


Gnomon School Open House

Gnomon School Open House

Join us on our state of the art campus in Hollywood to learn about Gnomon and take a guided tour of our facilities. 230 more words

International Events

Turning Anxiety into Anger

1. What a difference a year makes, or, rather, the arbitrary decision that, beginning January 1, things will be different than they were on December 31.  564 more words