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Time and Words

and Architectural imagination in using the Sun to remind us where we are.

Found this on the Juxtapoz magazine site.

The creation of India’s first public art gallery turned the Lodhi Colony into something spectacular.

29 more words
Calendar Reform

what is a wristwatch to an oak tree

The sun is rising farther to the south
inching each day to the true east
to the equinox.
the one who knows,
his shadow casts the lengthening light across… 114 more words



Another great day in the Duomo! Today I attended an observation of the transit of the sun on the meridian plane (I’ll have to study more to understand that fully!). 305 more words


Random Fridays: Serene Hours

The Latin on this sundial (“horas non numero nisi serenas”) translates variously as “I count only the hours that are serene / sunny / summery / tranquil”. 45 more words



There was a gnome on the gnomon, guarding the garden.

“You will pass,” he said.

“I—” I was about to ask about the missing “not” but thought then I should not. 459 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Time is a Relative

I am a firm believer in time warps.
In folding zones
and involuntary ticks
and talk about relativity…
It’s as clear as the gnomon on your face… 35 more words



The shadow of the gnomon
slides at a steady rate.
Even if the dial is ancient,
the time itself is up to date.
Though the train sleeps in the station, 56 more words