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As above, so below

You live in heaven and hell simultaneously.

You can choose what level, everything is the same as it looks, but your mind can alter your very own reality. 109 more words


Becoming a Spiritual Master

There are many ideas out there about what spiritual mastery entails, and there are many people who think of themselves as spiritual masters. Many believe that to become a master, it is necessary to renounce the mundane life, to retreat in nature and live for the rest of their lives as hermits. 468 more words


Gnosis Uno

Into this Universe, the “Why” no knowing
My path of Life before me onward going
I wonder: Why? And – Wherefore? All of it
Seems like a river heedless ever-flowing. 59 more words


Gnosis Duo

For doors exist for which there is no key.
Existence shrouded within mystery.
We ponder how to live: for Good and Bad
We know in part: and that uncertainly. 61 more words


Outer and Inner

‘7. Understand me: the outer man is to manifest the wonders of external nature, that is in the outer mysterium, both out of the earth and above the earth. 108 more words



We don’t live in a free world, social constraints are abundant. Suppression is alive and well, and in America they have unlimited resources to carry out this agenda. 271 more words