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The Fabric of Reality is the Gnosis of Ancient Days

Quantum-level discoveries are revealing the warp and weft of this reality and it’s throwing our concrete assertions into the bin. It’s an old chestnut to say that science and religion are not really at odds; but fundamentally this is true. 85 more words


One man's god is another man's devil

Profundis. How a god treats it’s cultists is a good guide to the real nature of that god.

Not all gods are equal.

Transmutation of impressions.

To transform one’s life is a revolution only achieved individually, it is the greatest transmutation of the godly, natural elements residing within one’s soul from gross to pure; and, of course, it is logical to say that transformations within matter exist, for physical life is all about change from the crude into the divine, from low-vibrating-ego existence into higher dimensions of vibrating thought forms: For example, sugar is transformed into alcohol and the latter is then converted into vinegar through the action of fermentation; and so, obviously this is the transformation of a molecular substance.  269 more words

The Free Mind Of A Human God!

The Alchemy of Anxiety

The Spiritual significance of the affliction of anxiety,

is the refusal to live in the present moment.

We turn to the obscure English branch of study, Etymology, to Alchemically understand a freeing truth.

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What does it mean to be human...??

What does it mean to be human…??  Science tells us that if your DNA corresponds to that of the homo-sapiens you are human, which is true; but still a little rigid.  406 more words

The Free Mind Of A Human God!

A little more awake.

The voices in our heads are seemingly many, loud, rebellious, and quite often without much reason; that is in fact the chemistry in our brains igniting certain signals, lighting up certain parts of our hemispheres, as the mind is influenced by molecular waves of potentialities thus giving us the different sensations/dimensional experiences of thought–i.e., good and evil, truth and lie, facts and imagination, etc. 286 more words

The Free Mind Of A Human God!

The Tree of Knowledge/Escape from Eden

Knowing the Tree of Knowledge to be considered bad to the demi-urge, the bible translators ate not of it.

Jacob, Joset, Juda and Simon. The… 206 more words