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EIGRP with the Same Router ID - part 1

What could possibly go wrong with routers with the same EIGRP router ID (RID)?

Figure 1 is the topology for this lab. See figure below. 1,214 more words


EIGRP Authentication

Routers are sending and receiving authentication packets before adjacency performed. 530 more words


EIGRP Default Route

Scenario : and are not advertised into EIGRP and they should be reachable through default route. 893 more words


EIGRP Filtering with Distribute List

The objective is to prevent and from being advertised to R1. 413 more words


RIP Default Route with Redistribute Static

Same with previous post about RIP Default Route with Default-Information Originate. But now we will use static default route that redistributed into RIP.

Assumed R2 is connected to internet through interface null0. 243 more words


RIP Default Route with Default-Information Originate

Scenario : IP , , on R3 will not advertised through RIP. R1 and R2 will reach them through default route. 383 more words


RIP - Filtering with Offset List

The objective is to prevent ip on R3 from being advertised to R1.

Configuration of R1 : 604 more words