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VPCS "DDORRR" : Can't get IP address from DHCP Server

It seems that the c7200 IOS image has a DHCP service bug that won’t successfully assign a dynamic IP address from its pool to end devices. 89 more words


Connecting ASA on GNS3 to Real Live Network

1. Install Microsoft Loopback Interface. Follow Guide from Microsoft

2. Setup ASA on GNS3

Follow this Guide (http://www.xerunetworks.com/2012/03/asa-84-asdm-on-gns3-step-by-step-guide)

3. Copy asdm to flash

4. Launch Mozilla. 17 more words


vSRX on Virtualbox and GNS3 v1.3.7 (OS X Yosemite)

I really like the Virtualbox vSRX compare to the QEMU version because the Virtualbox vSRX is so much faster compare to the QEMU one. We are talking about a lot faster. 301 more words


vSRX via GNS3 Qemu (OSX Yosemite)

It took me awhile and lots of Googling to figure this one out. For some reason qemu-img could not convert the .vmdk file into .img. What I did was converted the .vmdk file into .vdi using… 156 more words


Solution to Contest #1 - Cisco IOS ZBF and NAT. Winners announced

Thanks to everyone that participated and shared the link in some way. Contest #1 is now closed and here is the solution: 276 more words


GNS3 and VRRP Timers

While testing out a VRRP solution, I noticed that it was not performing as expected. The VRRP address was unresponsive so I started to investigate. Turning on console logging, I saw a large amount of flapping between Backup and Master states. 109 more words