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GNS3 vs. VIRL for CCIE Candidates

So with the release of Cisco VIRL – Virtual Internet Routing Lab – late last year there is finally a competitor to GNS3(dynamips).  So as a CCIE candidate which do I recommend? 494 more words



A simulation is a system that behaves similar to something else but not quite the real thing while An emulation is a system that behaves… 160 more words


Idle-pc prt4

The values marked with an asterisk symbols are considered better than the others, however you have to open the resource monitor of your computer and select the value which gets lower CPU usage. 115 more words


Idle-pc prt3

Setting up a good idle-pc, significantly decreases CPU usage on the host without losing the virtual router’s capacity to do real work.

In this picture you can see the % of CPU usage with a router off… 94 more words


Idle-pc prt2

The main problem is, dynamips (the core emulator of GNS3) doesn’t know if the current PROGRAM COUNTER (PC) is pointing to an instruction that is doing something important, or one that is just part of the few instructions that get repeated over and over in an idle loop. 53 more words


Idle-pc prt1

What is an idle state?

Programs generally have one or more lines of code where they just wait in an “idle” loop, it means: waiting for a keypress, a message to arrive, etc. 70 more words


Configuring GNS3 prt3

You’ll be able to modify your router components whenever you want by clicking edit – preferences – IOS routers – edit.

All tabs are important but at this moment slot tabs will get all of our attention. 103 more words