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Configured msloopback adapter with GNS3

Installed loopback adaptor but could not connect CLOUD icon with routers, gave error about being unable to create generic ethernet NIO .

Need to reboot the PC after installing loopback adapter. 29 more words

GNS3 emulated hardware and FAQs


Q. Will you support Cisco switching?

A. Switching is going be supported in GNS3 using L2IOU images, which are special IOS images made to work on PC/Linux. 1,928 more words

My Home Lab(Hardware And Virtual Networks)

Getting started with GNS3 (Installation and configuration)

Up & Running With GNS3 1.X

How to Setup GNS3

Adding your own PC to GNS3 with MS Loopback

MicroNugget: GNS3 and Windows 8

MicroNugget: How to Tune GNS3 to Avoid a 100% CPU Utilization? 2,124 more words

My Home Lab(Hardware And Virtual Networks)

Routing between Docker containers using GNS3.

The idea is to route (IPv4 and IPv6) between Dockers containers using GNS3 and use them as end-hosts instead of Virtual Machines.

Containers use only the resources necessary for the application they run. 1,142 more words

Routing Protocols

GNS3 vs. VIRL for CCIE Candidates

So with the release of Cisco VIRL – Virtual Internet Routing Lab – late last year there is finally a competitor to GNS3(dynamips).  So as a CCIE candidate which do I recommend? 494 more words



A simulation is a system that behaves similar to something else but not quite the real thing while An emulation is a system that behaves… 160 more words



What is an idle state?

Programs generally have one or more lines of code where they just wait in an “idle” loop, it means: waiting for a keypress, a message to arrive, etc. 452 more words