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Microsoft joins Linux Foundation—now loves Linux to death

Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation. That’s right, the maker of the closed-source Windows operating system—the very antithesis of free open source software—is suddenly one of the driving forces behind free open source software (cue hair-rending and groans of mock incredulity). 2,571 more words


CentOS VestaCP DNS Problem Fix

Port 53 (DNS port) seems CLOSED.

On Vesta: Delete DNS domains one by one.
On SSH: service named restart

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Delete All in Linux

rm -rf *

deletes all files and folders without confirmation

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Linux Bash History




history -c && history -w

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Static vs Shared

  • Static linking: one large exe file
  • Shared (dynamic) linking: a small exe file plus one or more .dll files (.so files in Linux or .dylib in OS X)
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CHMOD Calculation

  • r = 4
  • w = 2
  • x = 1
  • – = 0

-rw——- (600) — Only the owner has read and write permissions.

-rw-r–r– (644) — Only the owner has read and write permissions; the group and others can read only. 107 more words

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