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"Linux" vs "GNU/Linux"

A sometime claim is that “Linux” is an inappropriate term (when not referring specifically to the kernel) and that “GNU/Linux” would be better—especially by Richard Stallman, who is the founder and main force behind GNU… 774 more words


Xubuntu is a free GNU/Linux distro derived from Ubuntu. It is part of the Ubuntu family, as an official Ubuntu derivative recognized by Canonical Inc. The distro is lightweight, beginner friendly, and centers around the XFCE desktop environment. 20 more words


Unnamed [AKA KDE Neon]

KDE Neon is a frequently updated package repository of software created by KDE. In conjunction with KDE Neon, an unnamed Ubuntu derivative, pre-setup with KDE software, and pre-configured to use this repository, is provided as an installable image. 47 more words



Created and developed by Libretro, Lakka is a free GNU/Linux distro derived from LibreELEC. It is a gaming operating system which provides a console-like experience. The distro emulates over 50 game console systems, including the Nintendo 64. 9 more words


How I started using Linux

Probably one of the most hipster choices I’ve ever made was to switch to the GNU/Linux operative system. Linux (as I will refer to the OS it going forward) was always a mystery growing up in the 2000’s and using Windows XP (or vista if your where unlucky like me). 733 more words


Notes on LibrePlanet 2018

On the weekend of March 24, I went to Boston, MA to participate in LibrePlanet 2018. This was my first time to LibrePlanet, and it happened to be the 10th anniversary of the event. 688 more words



Created and developed by System76, Pop!_OS is a free GNU/Linux distro derived from Ubuntu. It is developed for computer scientists. The distro’s default repositories offer a large selection of software. 11 more words