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Raspberry Pi Auto Start Boot Time

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Add commands below the comment, but leave the line exit 0

If your command runs continuously (perhaps runs an infinite loop) or is likely not to exit, you must be sure to fork the process by adding an ampersand to the end of the command, like so: 13 more words

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Run WGET in Background

wget -bqc https://test.com/test.zip

-b : Go to background immediately after startup.
-q : Turn off wget’s output aka save disk space.
-c : Resume broken download i.e. continue getting a partially-downloaded file.

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Cronjob for Linux and Mac

# Works for mac, linux (or any OS with a cron scheduler)
# To install into cron, on the console enter: crontab -e
# Then paste in the 2 lines at the bottom of this page, then save
# You can check the "/tmp/mycron.log" file on your system to verify its happening each 5 minutes

2,7,12,17,22,27,32,37,42,47,52,57 * * * * sleep 12 ; curl -s http://myurl.com/myscript.php >> /tmp/mycron.log 2>/dev/null

Tested on Raspberry Pi

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Run the Linux script in your current process

You can run the script in your current process with the “dot” command:

. myscript

Useful for scripts including cd command!

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Microsoft joins Linux Foundation—now loves Linux to death

Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation. That’s right, the maker of the closed-source Windows operating system—the very antithesis of free open source software—is suddenly one of the driving forces behind free open source software (cue hair-rending and groans of mock incredulity). 2,571 more words


CentOS VestaCP DNS Problem Fix

Port 53 (DNS port) seems CLOSED.

On Vesta: Delete DNS domains one by one.
On SSH: service named restart

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Delete All in Linux

rm -rf *

deletes all files and folders without confirmation

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