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Using deltangle from the terminal

Are you a GNU/Linux user?

Do you want to save a text file in a decentralized way around the world at no cost?

If your answer to the previous two questions is ‘yes’, do the… 151 more words


Is A Browser All We Need?

Google’s Chrome OS gains popularity within the world of computers and their minimalist approach is triggering my curiosity. Google powers 53% of the education computing sector, outperforming Apple and Microsoft. 805 more words


Save time and bandwidth upgrading multiple Debian's installations

If you have to upgrade multiple Debian’s based installations, you can just upgrade one and then copy the downloaded .deb files from /car/cache/apt/archives to the same directory in the new computer and then update and upgrade the system. 85 more words

Apt-get Upgrade

NTFS Partition Mounted as READ-Only in Ubuntu

I ran to a problem today … I install Ubuntu on my SSD without any other OS, and I have 1 TB HDD on my laptop formatted as NTFS. 110 more words

Ntfs Partition