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Tips instalasi CentOS pada Virtual Machine

Tips untuk instalasi CentOS pada virtual machine: kebiasaan kita saat menginstall OS pada vm, yaitu memberikan resource minimum (sehemat mungkin) agar resource tersebut dapat dipergunakan maksimal oleh host OS, sebenarnya CentOS sendiri dapat berjalan dengan ukuran RAM 256mb, akan tetapi jika kita berikan ram seukuran tersebut sejak pertama setting hardware pada vm dan memulai proses instalasi, akan terjadi kegagalan saat instalasi, tidak seperti instalasi ubuntu server yg tidak akan terjadi masalah jika sejak awal diberikan ram sebesar 256mb, itu karena ubuntu server tidak menggunakan gui saat instalasi, sedangkan CentOS menggunakan GUI ini yang menyebabkan RAM 256 tidak akan cukup untuk memulai instalasi CentOS. 40 more words


Git for beginners

My first experiences with version control system were rather troublesome. I was introduced to Apache Subversion in a way that has not really worked for me, so it took me a while to get even the simplest basics of using it and I have abandoned the whole thing straight after the associated task was done. 764 more words

the great gnu+linux diaspora continues as github is "owned" by microsoft

github says they will remain “developer-first.” i am a developer, they certainly didnt put me first. they certainly wont put software freedom first– they might put “open source” first, but “open source” is turning into the corporatisation of floss. 578 more words

The Eric Lundgren Story: When Free isn't Free

At this point, you’ve almost certainly heard the tale of Eric Lundgren, the electronics recycler who is now looking at spending 15 months in prison… 1,372 more words


Rocky start presaged bumpy constitutional process

Tapera Kapuya, another analyst and political activist, said political parties seemed convinced that a new constitution, “no matter how bad the process that gives rise to it or how bad its contents”, was a critical precursor for a general election.

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Candid Comment: Without reforms, the spectre of 2008 looms

Political parties have, including Zanu PF in 1980, complained of the skewed nature of the electoral framework, perceived as open to fraud and in favour of those administering them. 

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