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Photo of the Day – Nov 31st – Wildebeest

A traditional Gnu (aka wildebeest). Photo taken in (Namibia) at sunset

~photo by Marc Schmittbuhl

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Expect on GNU/ Linux

There’s no hope for me if i didn’t expect on linux. How can we get the output from the outside into socket or something else without loged in. 107 more words


About Those Self-Driving Cars . . . .

One question for those reading this —

How many of you remember this commercial from OnStar that aired a few years ago?

There’s plenty more where that came from — 590 more words


Animal Crackers! No, Not the Kind You Eat...

… the kind you watched if you watched Teletoon in Canada in the late 90s and 2000.

Wow, has it been a week since the last post already?  238 more words

Urheberrechtliche Anforderungen an Software unter der GNU-Lizenz

Das Oberlandesgericht Hamm (Az. 4 U 72/16) hatte sich mit der Frage zu befassen, welche Anforderungen eine Universität erfüllen muss, die für ihre Studenten einen unter der so genannten… 437 more words


Parallel, Scripts, Clusters, & Easy Use

So I’ve got this cluster of boards. I’ve got “distcc” set up on 3 of them. Fine. So I can do compiles in parallel. How often do most folks compile big things?… … 1,134 more words

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Travel, Travel, Travel

“I think” she said while thumbing through the usual travel folders and the like,
” I think, I’ll take Tibet, this year”said with as much certainty, and conviction… 468 more words