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my beautiful son...

She died doing what she loved. Another day, lost to the waves.

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Rectangle Commands: A handy tool for working with multi-columnar / tabular text

A Problem … and a Solution

You are given this (1)

a  b   c
aaaa    bb  ccccc
aaa bbb cccc
aa  bb  ccc

How would you generate this… 1,346 more words


A Complete Subtitle Editor for GNU/Linux

A couple of years back I made the complete switch to GNU/Linux. And when I did, oh boy, I surely missed a complete Subtitle Editor. In Windows, you can use the software named SubtitleEdit for all your subtitle editing purposes. 362 more words


A Wildebeest Named Gnu

Wildebeests, or gnus, are the deerlike animals in the background of the photo below.  As you can see, they love to eat.  They are types of antelopes, and they are frequently seen on the Mara (a protected area of grasslands) in southern Kenya. 190 more words


GNU/Linux and free (as in freedom) software: users must be more active in the community

Featured image (above): Free as in “freedom” by Tomasz W. Kozłowski; based on the official GNU Head logo; available under the GNU Free Documentation License. See other images by this author… 243 more words