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suessical gibberish

Suessical gibberish (completed)

If a fish
Could make a wish
for what would
this fish wish ?
a wishing fish
you say, tosh tish
but if you were… 211 more words


LinuxMint - Heavens to Betsy

Recently, well not recently, more like a few weeks ago, there was a post about LinuxMint development concerning LMDE and its Mint distros.  The article can be found on Segfault here: http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2015/02/about-betsy/   I was surprised to find out that LMDE’s rolling release model was removed due to lack of interest.  519 more words


MyFree CodecPack (Beta)

Company ENJsoft Product MyFree Codec Pack 1.0b
some codec pack Date 19 February 2015

Appearance 2,698 more words


Linux: Not perfect, Not MS windows, Not easy

I watch mainly Linux people on YouTube.  I have even played with the idea of starting a YouTube channel to do videos concerning Linux.  Recently, one person I watched has run up against the driver wall of Linux.  493 more words


Migrated to PCLinuxOS (from Linux Mint 17)

Nothing is perfect and that’s OK.

After having some troubles with Pulse Audio causing Audacity to crash every few minutes, I decided to take a long hard look at how I felt about using Linux Mint 17. 1,530 more words


Red Star OS es la distribución Linux de Corea del Norte

Red Star OS es la distribución Linux de Corea del Norte, es el segundo país socialista en desarrollar un proyecto basado en  GNU/Linux, el primero fue Cuba que desarrolló … 254 more words