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fig os 2.8 — first version from refracta 9

Since we recently worked and reported on figOS 2.6, we took it up to ascii, installed OpenRC and openbox to it, Refracta published a beta version of its refracta9 (ascii based) 32bit iso.  229 more words


you should always be able to uninstall

one of my favourite quotes from all gnu/linux history is from the founder of canonical saying:

dont trust us? erm, we have root. you do trust us with your data already. 1,364 more words

the old "whether to call it gnu" redux

this is such a long reply that whether to leave it on the poor guys blog seems… that perhaps its better to put it here. i am… 2,560 more words

"Linux" vs "GNU/Linux"

A sometime claim is that “Linux” is an inappropriate term (when not referring specifically to the kernel) and that “GNU/Linux” would be better—especially by Richard Stallman, who is the founder and main force behind GNU… 774 more words

Why you should use Linux?

Linux distributions are generally small and powerful operating systems. The ability to customize your own operating system and choose from list of hundreds makes Linux suitable for almost all kinds of users. 696 more words


i dont do gnu-speak

this article is an updated version from one written last month.

sometimes its fun to attack every ideal, and free software is an easy target– so its going to get attacked a lot. 977 more words

What is Linux Operating System?

Well, Linux is not an operating system. It is family of free and open source operating systems that are built around Linux kernel. However, Linux word is often used to describe such operating systems. 952 more words