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Run SETI@HOME in Debian 8

I love distributed processing clients and have been using all kinds of them since the 90s. One of my all time favorites is SETI@HOME. Think of it, to be part of the team that claims to have sensed extraterrestrial radio waves in the vacuum of space would fill your (aw, I’m digressing again). 287 more words

Flanders, Swann, Booth and Gnu

You may have to be really quite old to understand at least some of the title.  Michael Flanders and Donald Swann wrote and sang comic songs back in the middle of the last century – yes I was there and heard them. 63 more words


Image Rights

Attribute and Share-Alike: Re-use of Images under GNU and Creative Commons

To the rigth you can see an image of an mri scan.

Author of the scan is according to Wikipedia: ( 1,463 more words


Book of the Week: Just For Fun

Just for Fun is the origin story of Linux. I like technology origin stories, because they have entertaining characters and I know the ending already.  208 more words


Free useful software for everyone.

Free as in beer, not free as in freedom – though some of it is both. I didn’t put trialware there, or things that require you to pay, to get certain features. 64 more words


Install LXDE (or KDE) without the startup managers

Are you a person who likes using the lightweight desktop LXDE?

Want to install it on your Debian install without having to install a startup manager? 127 more words