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I have had my own horrific, personal experience with Windows 10 and how horrific the OS itself is, so I am well aware of the potential for something going wrong to be a nightmare. 506 more words

Licensing software

First of all, i do not pretend that this blog is unbiased. With that out of the way i want to talk about licensing.

As developers we have a wide array of licenses to choose from, including but not limited to : MIT, GNU AGPL v3, CC and of course a wide array of closed software licenses. 382 more words


GNU is boring.

There’s nothing to write about.  My GNU install just works.  It runs along with no major issues, no problems, no drama, nothing.  It’s boring.  How do you write about an OS that is so boring? 213 more words

Debian 8 and FreeBSD 11 dual boot on Dell E5550.

Excellent laptop for having a wireless chip which is compatible with stock Debian and FreeBSD installation! This is one of the first hardware I have come across where the OS detected the wireless chip during installation. 299 more words

“Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding” – Burt Rutan

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Open Source Projects

Gnu Poo - By Steve Wootton

I know, I know. There’s still a lot to do on this site before anyone can grasp what’s actually going on here. But I figure, the more I just… 520 more words

Children's Book

Libreboot and GNU: update

A few months ago a GNU/Libreboot issue occurred, and I just got around to blogging about it the other day. Well, a few days, later, there is an update from FSF. 53 more words