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Debian 8 "Jessie" Release Date: April 25

According to this message in the debian-devel-announce thread, the release date for Debian 8 “Jessie” is April 25, 2015. Mark you calendars for a weekend full of installfests!

Want to use Nano seriously?

If so, here’s how I execute it (and why):

$ nano -r 79 -T 4 -E

First, the -r 79 is the “wrap lines at XX.” My screen maxes out at 80 columns so I make sure everything wraps there with a small buffer of one column. 66 more words

Disable IPv6 in Debian 7

I don’t know about you, but I still can’t find a good reason to have IPv6 installed on my Debian 7 server. Perhaps this will change in the future if ISPs will get off their arse and… 151 more words

Free eBook-GNU/Linux-Advanced Administration: Get more on Linux

GNU/Linux: Advanced Administration is an excellent book, the main contents are related with system administration. You will learn how to install and configure several computer services, and how to 24 more words


The init rift in GNU/Linux

Lately there is much discussion (both heated and sensible) about the new init system that is sweeping itself across GNU/Linux distributions.  Of course we all know what that is, systemd. 539 more words

My reasons to choose FreeBSD 10.1+ over GNU/Linux.

There are a few reasons why I switched from Debian/Ubuntu to FreeBSD.


Debian stable comes with a large tested repository with regular security updates, but old software, same case is with Ubuntu LTS the software starts getting a little old. 762 more words

Email to TRAI on Net Neutrality

Internet in India is at Risk. Telecoms service providers and Content providers are violating Net Neutrality in various means. This will not ensure equal Internet for everyone as how it is right now. 474 more words