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Every time you surf the Internet to collect information, visit some site, play on-line games, or whatever you do, you have to browse some kind of web sites called: Search Engine, these sites provide a service for you to type some words related to something you want, and by using these keywords, the site gives you some suggestions, maybe one of them you were looking for. 928 more words


List of awk Resources


In my journey to make an examples-based user-friendly awk the series (as a pair of sed the series). It’s because finding user-friendly practical examples of awk is difficult. 138 more words

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awk Rearrange Horizontal Words to A Vertical List


4 April 2017

cat moka.txt | sed -n ‘/Install:/p’ | sed ‘s/([^)]*)//g’ | sed ‘s/:amd64[ ,]//g’ | awk ‘BEGIN{FS=” “}{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)print $i}’
Warning, it’s still not perfect!


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sed to Delete Only Parentheses and Their Contents


sed ‘s/([^)]*)//g’


*) this is the content of /var/log/apt/history.log on a Debian family OS



The above sed says “match any char but ‘)’ ” started with a ‘(‘ ended with a ‘)’. 37 more words

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Bad Blood and Help Vampires in Linux Forums

by Wayne Boyd
April 3, 2017

As you probably know there are about a hundred billion versions of GNU/Linux freely available for download that you canĀ installĀ on your computer, wiping out Windows altogether (or keeping it if you like too). 748 more words


RMS talks about #freedom and @intel and others

RMS talks about #freedom and @intel and others

The Intel Management Engine with its proprietary firmware has complete access to and control over the PC: it can power on or shut down the PC, read all open files, examine all running applications, track all keys pressed and mouse movements, and even capture or display images on the screen. 53 more words