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I want to blog

I began to consider writing a blog after reading an article by Hossein Derakhshan in the Guardian. The description of blogging as a means to forming an information network through hypertext on the Internet, free from regulation and restriction by an application, really inspired me to break out of the passive use of Facebook and other social media and venture out into the free blogging space of the Internet. 323 more words


Odd "find" Behavior Under Windows: "paths must precede expression"

I noticed a problem in the “find” version being delivered in the currently available GnuWin32. I have csproj files strewn throughout a tree. Most of the… 133 more words


Migrated from Debian 32bit to 64bit through dual boot

The desktop where I do most of my stuff is a Debian testing 32bit. Recently Google Chrome team declared the end of support of 32bit Linux distributions, and I decided to take the occasion to migrate towards a 64bit Debian. 528 more words


How to install Third-Party Apps on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu recently released another LTS Ubuntu 16.04.Many of us might have faced this bug while installing 3rd party apps. For example, if you try to install Chrome it by default open with the “Ubuntu Software app” and it gives an error… 84 more words


Back once again

Hey there! This is getting repetitive. I’m back to GNU/Linux once again, but this time I’m back to stay (hopefully).

My current setup is an Asus UX32LN running Debian Jessie (8.4.0) and Gnome 3 as my Desktop Environment. 84 more words


Debugging With gdb

If you need to debug a C or C++ program on Linux, I’d normally recommend using ddd, or some other graphical source code debugger. But if you are debugging remotely (over… 221 more words