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GNU/Linux Install fest in Plovdiv @ Olimex on December 10th

We will host for a first time GNU/Linux install fest.

If you have problem with some device or driver or don’t know how to tweak your Linux distribution, or just want to chat with other people who use Linux – come to us on December 10th, 11.00-14.30 o’clock and meet Linux experts who will participate this event and get free advice and help. 51 more words


eiffel-cd plugin for Liberty Eiffel

I’m working in the plugin eiffel-cd, a complement for eiffel-iup. eiffel-cd is a plugin for the CD library, a vector graphics toolkit with device independent output. 56 more words

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Gifting-back on your birthday

For a while, I have been thinking of economically viable business/funding models for open technology; I believe this is the most important problem facing open technology today. 316 more words

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C++ Data models

A usual headache to C++ beginners: What is the value of sizeof(int) in C/C++?

The answer is: there is no specific answer.

In theory, the C++ standard does not define explicitly the size of primitive data types but it does define their… 110 more words


Pure, Unfiltered Hatred Times 10

So my old computer, purchased back in 2008 or so (I can’t even remember) died.  That left me in the position of having to get a new one, since all I had was a netbook that was criminally underpowered to do anything significant, and a tablet, which is not only old and underpowered, but also laughably terrible at every single thing it tries to do, including the way you interact with it.  464 more words

Accessing GNU Linker Script Symbols from C/C++

With the GNU compiler and linker I can place variables into custom sections (see “Defining Variables at Absolute Addresses with gcc“). This article is about how to get the section start and end address so I can for example access that range in my code. 492 more words


GNU C library! What's that?

We have a GNU system (It is yet another operating system which is completely free and upward-compatible with Unix).

For this system we would need a C library to handle system calls and other functionalities. 15 more words

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