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Browsers - Installing Chromium and Google Chrome Browsers in Arch Linux

Google Chrome is the commercial close source browser made by Google which is based on Open Source Chromium project.

Here’s a quick tutorial for installing Google Chrome and Chromium browsers in Arch Linux and… 228 more words

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solved latex error File ended while scanning use of \@xdblarge

asslamualaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh

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Hi All !!! This is my very first blog post :) ,So welcome all readers to my blog.In the very beginning I decided to write a kind of tech article.This article is about… 647 more words


If you’re new to Linux, you might not know exactly which Linux distribution to use. This is understandable, as there are many, many different types of Linux distributions out there. 66 more words


The KDE Slimbook: a new laptop for users of free/open source software

We’ve covered how to buy a fully loaded Linux laptop before, and now we have another choice! The Odin Group, based in Spain and operating for over 10 years, has created… 276 more words


Abrir y leer archivos csv sin tener problemas con acentos ni eñes en Python


A veces quizá te veas en la tesitura desde Python de tener que abrir y leer un archivo csv, y al leerlo compruebes que tienes problemas con las celdas que tienen acentos o eñes… 91 more words


XAMPP in Ubuntu: Desktop Shortcut, Launcher Entry & Home Folder Shortcut Inside HTDOCS

XAMPP is an independent server platform, which consists mainly of the MySQL database (now MariaDB), the Apache web server and interpreters for scripting languages: PHP and Perl. 293 more words