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Firefox drops ALSA; apulse to the rescue

Once again I’m caught between a rock and a stupid place. Mozilla joined Harry Pottering and the eternal september of GNU/Linux, who carries on dead-set on tearing down everything simple and elegant in the userland, replacing it with crude immitations of the beast (MacOS X). 604 more words


Ventanas sin borde y botones minimizar, maximizar y cerrar desplegables en GNU/Linux con escritorio XFCE

Tal vez te has preguntado si existe una forma de colocar los botones minimizar, maximizar y cerrar “dentro de la ventana” y no en un borde. 67 more words

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Using Trisquel Everyday - Day 1


I’m using Trisquel GNU/Linux version 8 codenamed Flidas since March 2017. I decided to write my daily experiences with Trisquel in a series, particularly at the most technically usable things. 262 more words


Install VirtualBox in Fedora

VirtualBox is an Open Source type-2 Hypervisor available for Linux, MacOS and Windows systems.

In this tutorial, we are going to install VirtualBox on… 263 more words

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WiFi – How to Install Broadcom BCM43142 Drivers in Fedora 27

Yesterday, I installed Fedora 27 on my Laptop, and I realised that it doesn’t recognize my Laptop’s, WiFi Card.

So, Here’s a quick tutorial to install Broadcom BCM43142 WiFi drivers in Fedora 27. 465 more words

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Desktop Environment - Install KDE Plasma Desktop in Arch Linux

I am a big fan of Light Weight Desktop environments and a long time user of XFCE Desktop. As it’s a lightweight Desktop Environment and basically, I just don’t like to waste my resources on some stupid animations. 156 more words

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bash, exiftool: use CreateDate as new filename


Install the package “exiftools”.

#DIRIN="./DSC05636.JPG" # test 1 jpg
if [ -d $DIROUT ] ; then
  echo $DIROUT" exists. fine."
  mkdir -p $DIROUT
  echo $DIROUT" created. 66 more words