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ScoobyRom v0.8.0 Released

New in v0.8.0:
  • Navigation bar visualisation.
  • Additional columns (conversion: Multiplier & Offset or NaN if not used; Axes locations: XPos, YPos)
  • Select all/none
  • RomRaider definitions export: choose whether to export all/selected/annotated tables.
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ScoobyRom v0.7.1 Released

New in v0.7.1:
  • Dynamically adjust icon size (Ctrl-+, Ctrl--, Ctrl-0)
  • Edit -> Copy Table: Can paste values into existing RomRaider table, spreadsheet (
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ECU Analysis

ScoobyRom v0.7.0 Released

Go to page: ScoobyRom Software

Enjoy and provide software specific feedback there, please!

ECU Analysis

Gnuplot: some useful command

What this blog is about: learning the usage of gnuplot

  • plot some specific lines

plot “<(sed -n ‘1000,2000p’ data.txt)” using 1:2 with lines

  • plot with xlabel and ylabel…
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Basic Gnuplot for 1D plots

Here are some examples to illustrate the 1D plots you can do really simply with Gnuplot.

First, a little bit of scenery :

set xrange [-5:5]
set yrange [-3.5:2.5]
set xlabel 'time'
set ylabel 'signal'
set key left Left
Pi = 3.14159
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One of the tools that I use extensively is GNUPLOT. I actually don’t like plating with excel or word. The way they let you design graphs and plots is limited, specifically if you want to customize it damn alot. 278 more words