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Quick plots of some noise with a SPLear and a Raspberry Pi

This post shows a couple of plots of SPL over time, using a SPLear™ sound level measurement module connected to a Raspberry Pi. Drawn by gnuplot in the RPi. 1,042 more words


Ploting forex using candlesticks with gnuplot

Almost a year ago I’ve posted about how to plot online stock data, this time is a kind of second part. Let’s try something a bit more complicated, candlesticks. 201 more words


How to use Caca terminal of Gnuplot

Gnuplot can plot in ASCII at the terminal if the dumb terminal is chosen. However, this does not fully utilize the Unicode characters and color support of modern terminals. 412 more words

More model fitting in lecture

Today’s lecture was all about fitting models for the electrode data. I started by showing them how one could hand-sketch Bode plots, at least for RC and RL circuits.  547 more words

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GNUNOT (Week 53)

Total Time Spent: 6hrs
“Fixing” GNUPlot suckyness (2 hr)

So, last week I added code to draw circles on my graph.  Then, I noticed that there were a crap ton of black squares on my graph (see picture below).  652 more words


Comments for class after grading

Friday’s lecture went fairly well.

There were a few questions at the beginning of class, one of which lent itself well to my talking about choosing different models for the same phenomenon and using the simplest model that worked for the design being done.  1,822 more words

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Very long couple of days

Yesterday and today have been draining.

Yesterday, I had three classes each 70 minutes long: banana slug genomics, applied electronics for bioengineers, and a guest lecture for another class on protein structure.  1,090 more words

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