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An odd gnuplot error and a work-around using maxima_tempdir

I have a student running wxMaxima on his windows laptop.  He has partitioned his hard drive so he can run Windows 10 as well as other operating systems. 132 more words

LaTeX output in GNUplot

As I began to prepare to write my Ph.D. dissertation in graduate school, I became curious about better ways to create professional-looking graphs. Commonly used software like Microsoft Excel and Apple’s Numbers (then part of their iWork suite) made it easy to enter and visualize data, but both programs produced a product that looked amateurish, tacky, and disjointed, and lacked powerful customization tools that I imagined I might want to employ. 1,337 more words


Creating graphs with Gnuplot... for dummies

As part of an investigation project at work, we had to create a number of graphs. Of course our first idea was using Excel; but it turns out that in a lot of scenarios it’s ambiguous, time consuming and sometimes outright frustrating. 1,428 more words


Modeling a wave on a string using finite differences

Based on problem 3.7 chapter 3 of Introduction to Seismology (Shearer)

(COMPUTER) In the case of plane-wave propagation in the x direction within a uniform medium, the homogeneous momentum equation (3.9) for shear waves can be expressed as… 485 more words


Travel time curve calculation for spherical, isotropic, homogeneous Earth model

A travel time curve is a graph of the time it takes a seismic ray to reach the station from an earthquake versus the distance of the earthquake to the station (epicentral distance). 460 more words


GNUPLOT (making animation)

GNUPLOT is very powerful set of programs for making graphs. Here, we see how can we use it for making animation and saving it in gif format. 185 more words