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Brief introduction to Gnuplot

I recently wrote about using Gnuplot to illustrate a sample iperf3 test result with a basic line chart but Gnuplot is much more powerful than that. 933 more words


Plotting syslog events with Gnuplot

I posted about a syslog activity reporting script I wrote, it’s very useful as is but it could be improved┬áby adding graphs to plot the timeline of each syslog event type. 304 more words


Graphing iperf3 results with Gnuplot

Sometimes a chart just has more impact than a raw diagnostic command output.

That’s when Gnuplot can help produce graphs in many different styles that are perfect for illustrating the occasional test report. 547 more words


How to plot to multiple windows in Gnuplot

On my Ubuntu, Gnuplot plots into a Qt window (terminal type qt) by default. Every invocation of the plot command redraws the contents of this single Qt window. 54 more words

How to output to PDF in Gnuplot

Gnuplot is a great tool for quickly plotting data from a file and viewing it in a window:


To write or print this plot to a PDF file, set the… 30 more words

How to plot points in color in Gnuplot

I had some 2D data in a file in the following format:

6.37026 2.42441 0
4.16001 6.55597 2
3.54946 7.15539 2
4.35229 3.8448 1
7.12706 1.2563 3
1.98478 8.68739 0
7.67213 2.22039 0
3.85744 7.3549 1
… 113 more words




  • ** – exponentiation e.g. x^2 = x**2
  • norm(x) – Normal Gaussian distribution function

Set Commands

gnuplot> set title "<title>"
gnuplot> set xlabel "<xlabel>"
gnuplot> set ylabel "<ylabel>"
gnuplot> set noyzeroaxis
gnuplot> set noyzeroaxis
gnuplot> set border
gnuplot> set nogrid
gnuplot> set nokey
gnuplot> set autoscale     # let gnuplot determine ranges
gnuplot> set logscale      # ploy using log axes
gnuplot> set logscale <axis> # set logscale for a single (x, y) axis
gnuplot> show logscale
gnuplot> set nologscale
gnuplot> set xtics ( 1, 2, 3)
… 317 more words