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Speed test WAN(RX) with nice char

I created a lite more beauty version speed test tool for analysing RX speed of you network.

It’s simple idea  curl get website and measue  speed   . 61 more words


Do I need a Bahncard?

The Problem

Let me explain the situation: I took a new job which requires me to move to a new town for the duration of 6 months. 793 more words


gnuplot script file

do for {
set term x11 0
pl ‘./GenEigfun_107.txt’ u 1:2:3 every :::a::a w p pt 7 ps 2 palette t sprintf(“%.3f”,a)
set term x11 1… 36 more words


plot (and watch) a data movie in gnuplot

Imagine you have  a data file with some parameter changing. And a 2d plot corresponding to each value of this parameter.

Now say, you save a data file data.txt, with multiple blocks(each block should be separated from each other by a single line). 112 more words


An odd gnuplot error and a work-around using maxima_tempdir


I also have this problem in the latest windows installation—on the same machine that long filenames were never a problem before in Maxima.  To fix it choose the sbcl version of maxima, as described at… 162 more words