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Creating parallel axes plots

This post will describe how to create parallel axis plots using the web based tool available at http://reed.cee.cornell.edu/parallel-axis/, as well as using the open source and widely used software… 1,561 more words


Writing scientific papers

I am probably the last person you would want to consult on tips to write a scientific publication. I’m slow, I procrastinate, my English is not the best, much work lies on the cutting room floor – skeletons of half assembled papers. 644 more words

How to save images on gnuplot

If you want to save your images in gnuplot as png or postscript, introduce the following series of commands:

To save as png:

set term pngcairo size 640,640 
set output "image.png"
set term X11… 53 more words
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Watch Greg Do Math! (Week 44)

Total Time Spent: 7 hrs
Watch Greg Do Math! (Offset calibration): 2hr
So last week, I had an issue with my graph.  It looked like this: 810 more words


Automated Mushroom Cultivation

Lots of people have developed their own systems for automating the growth of plants. Keeping the environment under tight control leads to better yield, and computers are better than humans at remembering to water the plants regularly. 154 more words

Raspberry Pi

I Like Turtles (Week 42)

Total time: 9.5hrs
NetCDF GNUPlot Integration(1.5hr):

So when last I left off, I had integrated contour mapping into my GNUPlotting function.  In testing this function, I’ve been seeding it with simulated bathymetry (because why not) and haven’t actually used it to plot actual NetCDF data yet.   1,722 more words


Gnuplot: Ugly Figures

Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven graphing utility for many platforms. In the basic way, it does render figures in a pixelized and not nice way. 85 more words