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UROS -- Week 5

In my fifth week, I finally took the logical step of updating the blog as the week progresses. Like many problems in coding, last week’s problem… 208 more words


Fidget spinners revisited

In Fidget spinners, I wrote about measuring and modeling the acceleration of two fidget spinners, 5-spoke spinner that cost $6.90 made from plastic and brass and a  307 more words

Fidget spinners

I recently bought two fidget spinners from Elecrow:

The heavier 3-bladed spinner cost $8.90 and is milled out of brass (though the site claims “pure copper”, the material looks like brass and is slightly magnetic, so I’m sure it is brass).The lighter… 313 more words

bulk measurement-data examination using gnuplot and latex (w.python)

Last summer during a project at the university I was confronted with a problem a lot of young researchers and students come to face: I had just finished a ton of measurements and now needed to plot all of it to get a feel for the data and see if everything went well. 3,705 more words


Speed test WAN(RX) with nice char

I created a lite more beauty version speed test tool for analysing RX speed of you network.

It’s simple idea  curl get website and measue  speed   . 61 more words


Do I need a Bahncard?

The Problem

Let me explain the situation: I took a new job which requires me to move to a new town for the duration of 6 months. 793 more words