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Travel time curve calculation for spherical, isotropic, homogeneous Earth model

A travel time curve is a graph of the time it takes a seismic ray to reach the station from an earthquake versus the distance of the earthquake to the station (epicentral distance). 460 more words


GNUPLOT (making animation)

GNUPLOT is very powerful set of programs for making graphs. Here, we see how can we use it for making animation and saving it in gif format. 194 more words


Render 2d points with gnuplot to PNG

One of the easiest way to render some points with gnuplot is:

  1. write to file (eg points.txt) the points you want to render in simple text format, one line per point (x,y pairs, no tabs no commas etc)
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Terminal PNG not found in gnuplot

In some linux destributions, the default version of gnuplot does not always include PNG support.

Here it the easiest way to fix this:

  1. Download gnuplot from…
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Plot script for nuclear cross section data

When I some years ago began working with nuclear cross section calculations, via the reaction codes EMPIRE and TALYS, my initial thought was; “No, I can’t start plotting all these cross section plots individually. 7,931 more words



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