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Microphone labs went OK

The microphone labs this week went OK (much better in the afternoon session than the morning session).  On Tuesday the students collected data for an I-vs-V plot of the electret microphone, both using a power supply and a pair of voltmeters and using just the PteroDAQ system on the KL25Z board (see… 782 more words

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Sinusoids and impedance lecture

Today’s lecture in BME 101 (the Applied Electronics for Bioengineers class) was again pretty much just as I had planned.  I covered three topics:

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Optimization and model fitting went well today

Today’s lecture in BME 101 (the Applied Electronics for Bioengineers class) went very smoothly. I started with a little light entertainment: a video about blowing up capacitors, sent to me by Jameco: … 1,036 more words

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Second lecture in Spring 2015 electronics

The lecture today started by me redoing the demo that failed on Monday, showing them how to run PteroDAQ and display the results with gnuplot.  Everything worked fine this time. 522 more words

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Creating parallel axes plots

This post will describe how to create parallel axis plots using the web based tool available at http://reed.cee.cornell.edu/parallel-axis/, as well as using the open source and widely used software… 1,561 more words


Writing scientific papers

I am probably the last person you would want to consult on tips to write a scientific publication. I’m slow, I procrastinate, my English is not the best, much work lies on the cutting room floor – skeletons of half assembled papers. 644 more words

How to save images on gnuplot

If you want to save your images in gnuplot as png or postscript, introduce the following series of commands:

To save as png:

set term pngcairo size 640,640 
set output "image.png"
set term X11… 53 more words
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