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Ісландський гумор

Ісландський гумор, виявляється, досить темний. І це ще квіточки, порівняно з іншими коміксами на boredpanda.

Review: Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice was one of my favorite books growing up. I read it until the cover practically fell off. I was rather disappointed when I discovered the book was completely fictional even though the author claimed it to be a real diary. 191 more words


Reading Thus Far: Go Ask Alice

At this moment, I am less than a hundred pages away from finishing this widely known book about a girl that gets addicted to drugs and how it turns her life into shit. 348 more words


“Go Ask Alice” and the Biopsychosocial Model

A few weeks ago, I ran across John Korty’s 1973 Go Ask Alice film and was reminded of my very vivid twelve-year-old memory.  My girlfriends and I would pass the anonymously written book… 668 more words

Senior #1: Life through her Eyes.

Question: What point of view does the author use? Does the use point of primarily to reveal or to conceal? Explain.

Since Go Ask Alice is a diary of a 15-year-old drug abuser the point of view of the story is in the first person. 342 more words

Go Ask Alice

Senior #1: The New Me.

Question: Are any of the characters a developing character, changing over time?  Explain how the character changed in the story. (What were they like before? What were they like after?   572 more words

Go Ask Alice

Senior #1: Family is Forever

Question: What is a protagonist? Who is the protagonist in the novel? What makes the protagonist sympathetic or unsympathetic? Explain

A protagonist is the “leading character, hero or heroine of a drama or other literacy work”(Dictionary.com). 352 more words

Go Ask Alice