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Too Much Sex In Ads?

If there’s one large encompassing theme to advertising it is that cute babies, animals, humor, and SEX sell. Sex certainly sells, and sells a lot! 787 more words


GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl ad: Even a puppy isn't a sure thing


When it comes to heart-wrenching Super Bowl animal commercials, Budweiser knows exactly what to do. The same can not be said for everyone else. An uproar over a  127 more words

Christian Science Monitor

More than a Sexy Commercial

The marketing strategy by Go Daddy has always baffled me. When I first saw a Go Daddy commercial, all I knew was that it included Danica Patrick and several other highly sexualized women. 271 more words

Was the Go Daddy Puppy Ad A Clever PR Tactic?

Now that Go Daddy has pulled their puppy ad from the Super Bowl and You Tube, experts are opining as to the mistake or brilliance of the ad. 336 more words


Super Bowl XLIX: Memoirs of a PR/Advertising Girl

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you—I don’t give a sh!t about football. While some girls grew up as tomboys loving to watch games and play flag football in gym, young Emily would rather sit on the sidelines and paint her nails. 321 more words


buds puppy ad will now be the only super bowl ad as go daddy goes running and pulls theirs

and to go daddy what should be  lesson just stick to what you are good and known for including making a super bowl commercial or if you are going to parody a commercial like the budweaiser lost puppy one make sure the puppy has some fun at least. 156 more words


Superbowl commercial....Go Daddy?

I’m sure everyone has seen the commercial by now…little cute puppy falling out of the truck, then the puppy has this long journey through all sorts of weather to get home..and once the puppy is home, the owner says “I’m so glad your home, because I just sold you on the website I created at Go Daddy” 128 more words

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