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Maximum Nonsense, Tony Law

Maximum Nonsense is a recent Go Faster Stripe standup DVD by Canadian comedian Tony Law. You can buy the DVD–which comes with 10 minutes of extras–or as a straight download for those of you who no longer have DVD players. 359 more words
Jaime Pond

Robin Ince's Last Ever Show

If you’re even half as much a Robin Ince fan as Anglonerd magazine is, you’ll appreciate that Go Faster Stripe has released a mammoth sendoff to Ince’s standup career: a two-disc DVD set containing hours and hours of recent standup material from Ince, including a recording of Ince’s last big standup show before he retired. 1,029 more words

Jaime Pond

The Headmaster’s Son, Richard Herring

Richard Herring’s 2010 hour-and-a-half standup show The Headmaster’s Son begins with some Jesus jokes, which are fairly original as Jesus jokes go. Herring recounts one of the times his compartmentalized father struggled to decide which box he was in during an Ascension Day pause of silence where his son-and-pupil Richard Herring let out an unforgivable belch. 535 more words

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Kevin Eldon is Titting About

Kevin Eldon is Titting About is a standup comedy DVD by character actor Kevin Eldon, produced by and sold from GoFasterStripe.com.

“Hey. What’s black and white and red all over? 700 more words

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Outside the Box, Norman Lovett

Now, I’m familiar with Lovett as an actor in Red Dwarf, but hadn’t seen his standup. It’s kind of what you expect and then some. 248 more words

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Lady Like, Susan Calman

Susan Calman is a Scottish standup comic and former lawyer. She appears on panel shows and sketch shows. Her radio show is Susan Calman is Convicted… 453 more words

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