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Golfstead – In this review, I reveal whether or not The Stress-Free Golf Swing really can completely change your golf game.

Bathrooms: A privilege or a right? (Blogmas 18)

The bathroom. We all go. Its main purpose should be for #1 and #2, although many other activities may happen in a bathroom. (I’m thinking preening, washing up, and the like- get your mind out of the gutter; although yes, sometimes sex in bathrooms happens.) Arguably, the bathroom is the most important space in any home or public area. 1,052 more words


Exactly what to consider inside a Product Review Website

Item Evaluation web sites are readily available on the web, however they are not even close to just about all becoming equivalent regarding integrity as well as ethics. 565 more words


The Two-day Princesses of Sugbu

Sugbu or also known as Cebu is the city of my many firsts.

It was my first to fly locally, and it felt freeing. I have never swim in the open sea my whole neither went to the beach for summer vacation. 282 more words

Restaurant Review: Sasha Bar 1968

TYPE: Spanish Fusion
ADDRESS : 08004, Street Margarit, 18, 08004 Barcelona
RATING: *****

Sasha Bar 1968 is incredible, We have to come right out and say it. 586 more words


The way to Select the correct Rice Cooker

Consuming rice, whether as a diet regime staple or simply as a scrumptious side dish, has made its way to the hearts of millions. Gone will be the days where you have to find out the way to master cooking rice via a regular kitchen pot. 686 more words

Cooker Adviser

Outdoor Survival Guide - Vital Factors to know to Survive Within the Wilderness

No matter whether you happen to be new to living within the wilderness or you’re a seasoned survivalist who’s navigating an unfamiliar area, possessing an outside survival guide is really a should for anyone venturing into the good outdoors. 440 more words

Amazon The Lost Ways