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The quieting edge

The farthest I’ve ever been from jumping…

is when I was looking over the edge.


Two Big Questions on My Mind

I have a lot of questions. Many of these are of the existential what-does-it-all-mean variety that I suspect I’ll never have answers to.

But, for the purposes of this blog, I generally have two big questions that I’m trying to learn more about: 263 more words

Go Outside

New York City newbie

My answer to the inevitable question changes from day to day, moment to moment.

Do I like New York City?

There isn’t a singular answer because this city isn’t a singular thing. 294 more words

Go Outside

Swamp thangs

“A beaver skull. Oh my gosh, it’s a beaver skull!”

I yelled to my husband half-way through our bush-whacking hike through the Jordan lake and panther creek swamp-land behind our house. 968 more words


Winter is for Snowshoeing

Admission: I avoided snowshoeing for the longest time. It always seemed so slow and boring compared to cross country skiing. My thinking was: Why plod when you can race?!?! 81 more words

Go Outside

We are Of The Earth, Ashes to Ashes

The other day I found myself  accidentally catching the most magnificent sunset: white capped mountains, hues of pinks and purples spun across the sky like cotton candy. 1,114 more words


Go outside!

These last days have been mostly inside days for me. I’m writing my Bachelor thesis at the moment, and I use most of my time either reading or writing – which happens at my desk, or in the sofa, sometimes. 178 more words