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Something interesting...

… but not obvious.

Its not an easy thing to take a good photograph. Sometimes you really have to look hard to find what is really interesting around you. 466 more words

Throwback Arts & Crafts

One of my good friends¬†in college was a huge fan of tie-dye and tie-dying… something I hadn’t even thought about since before I lost all my baby teeth. 27 more words


March- 16

Something that you regret not doing in the last year

I don’t really believe in regrets, but I’ve definitely gone through some stuff in the past year that I for sure would not call my brightest moments. 118 more words

Heritage Park in Cerritos

We love this park, there are ducks and turtles. The little village houses are adorable and have slides in them. This park is very well kept and safe. 40 more words

Go Outside|March 15, 2015| Papercut

¬†Today’s journal prompt

“They opened the window”

Excerpt from my creativity journal

The birds chirped loudly even before they opened the window. The day was bright, and although it was not yet spring, the birds, trees, and plants all had a different idea. 456 more words

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Chiricahua National Monument

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

The Chiricahua Mountains are about a 2 hour drive from Tucson, AZ. 276 more words


Wind Wolves Preserve

I spent this weekend visiting my family in Bakersfield. I really wanted to get out so I looked up hiking in Bakersfield and found this lovely, green land. 367 more words