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From Reading Green to.... Sleeping Outside

The day April posted that she was going to take on a challenge to read harder I found myself squirming with guilt. Should I take on the same challenge? 408 more words


When you need a little air...

Everyday I read a bunch of different travel blogs. I love to see the pictures and read about the adventures of people who seem to always be exploring. 547 more words

Go Outside

Of Mountaintops and Memories

To celebrate Turbo’s tenth birthday we decided to summit a peak, because…well, because we’re just strange like that. We pulled out our maps, spread them wide across the entire living room floor, discussed the merits of this summit or that, and ultimately chose Fremont Peak. 1,529 more words

Home And Family

'Homemade' Weed Killer

In my quest to use healthier, less toxic products in and around my house (and on my skin!), I decided to try out a homemade weed killer this year. 123 more words


International Migratory Bird Day

This post could be also known as So Much Going On at Nature Alberta!  They’ve given their website a new look, rebranded the kids program and have a great event kicking off our warmer weather. 297 more words

Edmonton Birds

One Line Sunday- Younger people

I can’t understand younger people who stay inside when it’s a sunny day outside but instead only go out when they need a smoke because that’s not being outside, that’s laziness.


Idaho Cutthroat.

Last ‪#summer‬ we took a trip to ‪‎Montana‬. We stopped in ‪Idaho‬ along the way. The ‪‎cutthroat‬ ‪‎trout‬ were hungry until we saw giant submarine like‪ chinook‬ ‪ ‎salmon‬ swimming by. 88 more words

Fly Fishing