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Go Outside

When you don’t know what to do, just go outside and see what you see and you will feel content.

The moment we stepped outside to go for a walk, I was immediately happy. 44 more words

2016 Goal Round Up

I can still remember the New Year’s Eve of Y2K. I was in middle school and I was on AOL Instant Messenger chatting with my friends about whether or not the world was going to end. 429 more words


5 New Things for the New Year

Happy New Year — I love this time of year as it gives us all a “fresh start” on the new year.  I like to try and set new goals for the year ahead and I usually keep this to a short list of three things that I want to accomplish.   436 more words

Janice Cox

22 Reasons You Need To Grow Up And Get Over Your Fear Of Spiders

I do not know of an animal that is in more need of positive PR than a spider. As someone who spends a lot of their time outside, it baffles me when I run into a significant amount of outdoor-oriented people who do not like dealing with the critters that inhabit the wild places they have come to love. 959 more words

Routine breakers: the ultimate writing inspiration

I learned to water ski on the weekend.

That blurry person is me, I’m not making that up!

As well as ticking something off my bucket list, the experience reminded me about the importance of stepping away from your desk when you’re a writer. 229 more words


Battling Seasonal Depression

When I was 21, I made a bucket list. I can’t remember what time of year it was, but all signs point to winter. The amazing thing is, is that I never thought I would do most of them, but I had hoped. 823 more words

When #optoutside makes you want to opt back in

I promise we tried to #optoutside with you #REI. Really. We made a plan. We never make plans. We picked a hike we have done before because we figured that would be our best chance at success. 339 more words

Go Outside