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The Road Most Traveled - A 15 Hour Drive

Well I have arrived…adulthood here I come.

I only cried once. Just kidding! I haven’t cried yet! (Yet is the key word there).

Let’s talk about the ride over. 531 more words


10 Things you didn't know about me

Sandy Nene lost a good few hours of his life reading international blogs, found this tag and decided to take me down with him. He… 377 more words


The Go! Team - The Scene Between

Rarely do you hear a band as exuberant and unashamedly optimistic as The Go! Team. As blunt and brash as they are sweet and twee, the band is an earful. 385 more words


The Pipeline, Should We Really Be Doing This?

Energy is the worlds life source, whether it comes from the sun to allow photosynthesis in plants or in a cup of coffee to help someone get that kick in the morning. 549 more words


50 years of tunes…2000-09...


And so…the third member of a somewhat unholy cosmic trinity…I think by a whisker, with a fair following wind, my favourite of the three…Grandaddy’s ‘The Sophtware Slump’. 2,377 more words

Group 1 Films

A large part of being a student is – get this – projects. The assignment given to the students taking the Digital Communications Strategies and Social Media class this semester was this: produce, shoot and edit a 2 minute production in 2 hours. 99 more words