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Three new Go! Team videos

To celebrate The Go! Team playing their first live date in years last night¬†up in London, the band have released three videos, for each of the tracks from their new long player The Scene Between that clock in under a minute –¬†Rolodex The Seasons, Gaffa Tape Bikini and The Floating Felt Tip. 50 more words

Guatemala Day 4-- Heartbreak...and Hope

As I write this, I am sitting next to 4 boxes full of 100 chickens, scratching around and probably wondering how in the world they ended up here. 836 more words

Guatemala Day 3 - Finishing up the Project

It’s not often that we actually complete our work project when we come to Guatemala. And by “not often” I mean it has never happened. Luckily, when we initiate a project we include the funds to have a skilled worker supervise it and complete it. 397 more words

Guatemala -- Day 2 -- Adventure. And I love Jen.

“I love you” is such a powerful phrase. It has 2 meanings that I can think of right now. The first meaning is “I love you.” The second meaning is “Don’t kill me.” If you are trying to avoid death, you say it like a question, as in, “Ummm, I love you?” Anyway, I love Jen. 834 more words

Guatemala -- Day 1

Let me start by saying the internet has been sketchy at best so far, and my original post for Day 1 somehow disappeared. I’ll do my best to publish every day, but the forces of technology work against me in the best of circumstances. 296 more words

New trending GIF tagged anime pokemon adorable celebration...

New trending GIF tagged anime, pokemon, adorable, celebration, pikachu, cheerleader, hooray, go team, piplup via http://ift.tt/1M45gJ0

The Road Most Traveled - A 15 Hour Drive

Well I have arrived…adulthood here I come.

I only cried once. Just kidding! I haven’t cried yet! (Yet is the key word there).

Let’s talk about the ride over. 531 more words