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The soft launch

Meghan was hired a few weeks before an initial product launch. She couldn’t find many of the core product pieces so she was forced to start from scratch. 555 more words

Roles & Organization

A Blockbuster in the Making

China is getting to become a great place to make movies and also sell them. An edited version of an analysis by Knowledge@Wharton:

Many experts believe China is on track to have the largest film audience in the world. 1,020 more words

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Marketing Design Guide, do you require it at all?

A marketing organization perspective

I am a big fan of visual marketing. I believe what can be conveyed thru a visual representation (pictures or slides or videos) is far more impactful than paras written about a topic. 584 more words

Marketing Strategy

The Roadmap to market - a methodology to draft a go to market plan

Little Nightly Thoughts
by Business Exploration

(versione italiana)

Whether you have to build your go-to-market or
align your processes to your market goals,
this approach may help to bring you from Idea to Reality.
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Control, or Be Controlled: Sales Forecasting Done Right

Why is it so damn hard to meet a sales forecast? There are so many ways things can go wrong during the sales process — prospects were super excited at first and indicated they were eager to buy your product, but then things got cold as it traveled through the enterprise; you were so close and thought you FOR SURE had the deal, then later hear “I’m sorry, but we’re going with competitor X”; …and so on. 2,827 more words

a16z Podcast: Selling to Developers

Developers are more than just influencers inside the enterprise — they’re now buyers, too. That’s a huge shift from before, when only IT and other departments had that kind of purchasing power. 142 more words

Cloud Infrastructure

FrankenTesla: when the Tesla Model 3 stole Elon Musk's thunder.

Tesla had an Apple-style launch of its Model 3 last Friday. They’re sexy, amazing and quite affordable. Yes, I want one too.

The really intriguing part about the event was Elon Musk’s presentation skills. 78 more words

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