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Seven Steps for a Competitive Intelligence Best Practice

This is the first of a multi-part post on competitive intelligence.  This post focuses on the initial steps in establishing a competitive intelligence practice.  Most likely your company is practicing competitive intelligence in some shape or form.  659 more words

Product Management

Three Elements of a Scalable Go-To-Market

You’ve established product market fit. Your customers are happy and hopefully buying more from you, and you think it is time to step on the gas your business. 647 more words


How to get your first customers in the US?

Securing the first 10 customers is of course a much needed source of revenue for French entrepreneurs entering the US market but is also the necessary next step to build product experience, fine-tune the solution, demonstrate success, … 139 more words

Tips For Startups

4 questions to answer before defining your go-to-market strategy

Your go to market strategy is the wheel driving your value proposition to your target market and it goes way beyond the marketing function – it is a collective approach defined and driven by marketing, sales and product development. 468 more words


Empower Others with a Product Brief

To be prepared is half the victory. —Miguel de Cervantes, author, Don Quixote

In my first sit-down with a marketing agency, they peppered me with questions about the product and the market. 890 more words

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Should you be Rethinking Your Position Statement?

Amazon uses an approach called  working backwards stating that, ”work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it.” This approach starts with an internal press release announcing the finished product.  226 more words

Product Management

Using events as part of your marketing strategy

Interaction is the key objective of any marketing effort. Whether online or offline, events are the key drivers for attracting and keeping your potential customers’ attention and nurturing your existing relationships. 570 more words