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Dollar Shave Club

Yesterday, Unilever announced that it had bought Dollar Shave Club.

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Most products are built with “isn’t it” in mind. They want their customers to remark:

Isn’t it innovative?

Isn’t it genius?

Building from “isn’t it” rarely leads to the innovative or genius. 61 more words



Meraki (v) – to do something with soul, creativity and love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

Think. Build. Ship. Measure. A linear process useful for progress, but not comprehensive of a non-linear path.

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Thought is being watered down by reductionism. Reductionism relies on reverse engineering what’s worked great in the past. What we get is more of the same. 49 more words


Kiss, kiss

The first kiss is awkward. But you don’t stop kissing.

The first time you move your product from alpha to beta or beta to live, it’ll be awkward. 32 more words


Powerful techniques for product launch

So many product managers focus on the BUILD aspects of product but forget about empowering the launch and its promotion. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about launch techniques. 325 more words

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Amazon Echo and the Soft Launch

A good example of a soft launch is Amazon’s introduction of Echo in 2014. It was first available by invitation only to top-tier of Amazon’s Prime customers—a group inclined to be both supportive and enthusiastic. 179 more words

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