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Confidence THEN Conviction

Confidence is one of the most studied, sought after, and revered human traits. We all aspire to have confidence. The confidence to ask for a raise, or a date, or the confidence to ask for the business. 393 more words


Evolution of business models

This is the time of year where pundits such as myself start hyping what we think will be happening next year in order to predict trends and patterns and show we know what we are doing. 994 more words

How to beat competition using tactical game planning

Six, 7 minute fight tactics to knock cold your competition

I confess… I am a huge fan of the MMA and follow UFC whenever I can. 1,224 more words

Start Ups

Seven Fails in Headlines and Value Propositions

As a marketer, I love compelling value propositions. When they line up, the offer is clear, the call to action is timely and the offer is compelling enough to make me take action right now! 712 more words

Startup Marketing

So, You Want To Sell the Enterprise?

Every Start-up reaches that point where the “Enterprise” segment becomes the next Step… I mean, just look at all that money. They are big, their logos would look so sexy on your web-site and again, look at all that money. 725 more words


Distribution vs. Innovation

The battle between every startup and incumbent comes down to whether the startup gets distribution before the incumbent gets innovation.

The TiVo Problem

In 1999, ReplayTV and TiVo invented the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). 650 more words

Seven Steps for a Competitive Intelligence Best Practice

This is the first of a multi-part post on competitive intelligence.  First we’ll focus on the initial steps in establishing a competitive intelligence practice.  Most likely your company is practicing competitive intelligence in some shape or form.  659 more words

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