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Is marketing wagging your strategy? Top tips for ensuring strategic alignment of your marketing strategy

By Heidi Sundin and Hamish Anderson

Irrespective of the industry you work in, or the size of your organisation we believe it is critical that your go-to-market and indeed your marketing strategy, plans and initiatives are aligned with your business strategy. 1,059 more words


Many OEMs and their Suppliers use impulse marketing models to influence highly considerate sales. Are you?

Little Nightly Thoughts
by Business Exploration

Complex sales need the right approach…

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Today’s businesses face two strong headwinds


a16z Podcast: Pricing Free

Now that we know to price and plan early, price high — especially for category-creating or “pre-chasm” businesses — how do we handle freemium models? 122 more words


Quickly Assessing How Well You've Dialed In Your SaaS Go-To-Market Machine

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Your SaaS go-to-market should work like a well oiled machine – all of the individual parts need to be working in sync and churning on some sort of predictable cadence. 511 more words

a16z Podcast: Pricing, Pricing, Pricing

“Raise prices.” Regular listeners of our podcast have heard this advice more than once. But why is this so key and yet so hard for many technical founders? 85 more words


Dollar Shave Club

Yesterday, Unilever announced that it had bought Dollar Shave Club.

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How do I Price This? Product/Market fit (Post 2 of 4)

This is the second in a series of four posts on establishing Product/Market fit.  This post covers pricing. Other posts cover the Customer Development Process… 1,703 more words

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