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The Three Phases of New Product Go To Market

Taking a new product to market, whether it’s the sole product of a start-up, or it’s a new product or offshoot from an established business, is a fascinating area, and one which I’ve been involved in and advised on for a while. 317 more words


Maximising your launch

Go-To-Market planning

Go-To-Market (or GTM) will be new terminology to many people.  More common within US companies as an independent business function, GTM, as the name suggests is all about readying your product or service for launch.   381 more words


How to create a compelling marketing message

After you created your overall marketing strategy and defined the tools and channels you are using to communicate with your potential and current clients, the next step is to craft your marketing messaging. 500 more words

Seven tips on creating a marketing strategy

Marketing is not limited to a marketing department or specific people, it’s all the communication associated with your business; and the principles are exactly the same as in human communication – people will form their opinion about you based on your character, actions and appearance. 757 more words

"What Worked for You" vs "What Worked for Your Customer"

In the B2B world case studies are ubiquitous. They are an important vehicle to demonstrate credibility to your customers and prospects. They are also important to educate your sales force and to scale sales success. 373 more words

Content Blueprint

Coverage and attention

Getting noticed and being relevant are both important in order to get onto the buyers long list, never mind the short list, and so having a decent marketing plan and a sales plan are critical for business sales success. 333 more words