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Go Within!

Amen to that!

I think that it is VERY important for every person on this planet to take time to be alone every day. Taking time to go within, being quiet and just listening to that inner voice. 41 more words

Row Row Row your flow!

Row Row Row your flow!

Living in the flow of your life is the sweet spot for Fun, Love, Openness, miracles, Wonder, and a beautiful dance that comes naturally keep embracing more of that and surrender to the life force within. 87 more words


Inner Guidance

Let me make no mistake about it, we are living in difficult times. Whatever our beliefs and values may be, they are under siege by opposing values or by the tenuousness of “truth” itself as a standard upon which we can collectively agree. 431 more words

Daily Blog

Don't lQQk back...

Living in the wake of yesterday’s thoughts clouds the sunshiny day of you today.

What you did or did not do can steal opportunities of what you can do and become right here, right now. 116 more words


Only You

One You!

Nurture the internal roots of your existence. The seeds you plant within your mind become the fertilizer of your becoming. Take care of yourself with a spirited honor to protect, believe and love yourself just as you are. 75 more words


Accepting Others

It is within our ability to accept all aspects of ourselves, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, that allows us to more fully accept and appreciate others. 7 more words