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The Hardest Job

A few years ago I used to manage social media accounts for a few Hollywood clients. I had an amazing time traveling back and forth to California to work the red carpet events. 103 more words

Living from the inside out.

Living from the inside out.

Mercury is Retrograde, nothing to fear, just an excellent time to reflect, renew and rebirth your beautimous self.

The Universe is calling on us to slow it down, go within and if you need to speak up, or make decisions, do it cautiously before throwing it out there. 154 more words


Angel Messages March 6 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!

Angel Messages


I can no longer sit still, I cannot stay unchanged

I’m breathing in the waters, learning of its waves

Looking for the portal

To the depths beyond… 128 more words

"It all comes back to you."

“It all comes back to you.”

Day Thirty-One of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: Trust Yourself

Take your own advice; gurus, counselors, coaches, etc. are all here to guide us when we might be in a quandary. 261 more words


"Guru within"

The Guru within


Day Eight of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute challenge: Guidance

I invite you to think about where you receive your answers from.

Align with that deep place in the heart that loves and accepts everything just as it is. 318 more words


What do they mean, go within?

You may have heard the popular saying “happiness is found within.”

It’s generally accompanied by “money doesn’t buy happiness” or other such nonsense. 286 more words