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Discover What Is Already Within – Pleiadian Collective ~ June 7, 2018

Discover What Is Already Within – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

Pleiadian Collective


Friends Of Earth,

We Remain Close In Light!

We Are Here To Encourage You And Remind You That This Is Not A Game. 180 more words


Anything you
can fit into a nutshell
should stay there.
There are no quick solutions,
perfect gurus, simple lessons.
Interweaving webs
span universes without time. 37 more words



I am within you as you are within me.



I have removed your obstacles; made space in your spaciousness.



Spaciousness needs something to fill it or is it already filled?

The answer is ‘no’ to both. Keep the spaciousness empty. Keep your space empty. Then you will receive from within and not without. 11 more words


Going Within

Where can I find the answers I’m looking for? How will I know what is mine to do? I’ve been taught that ALL of the answers, yes, ALL of the answers I seek are within me. 279 more words

We Are The Reminder

Inner Work

Do the inner work and the outer will take care of itself.