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Why criticism is good for the soul

Because it makes us challenge our ideas and offers us an opportunity to improve our work. It’s not always about seeking reinforcement that you are on the right track. 68 more words


Clear The Clutter

Take a look at your life really quick with me.

Let’s look at your room, is it organized and clean?

What about your car? Is it clean inside and out? 674 more words


How to Change Your Life in a Year

Busyness is a death sentence for your goals.

If you sat down with the “you” from a year ago, would they be happy about what you have accomplished? 679 more words


There is no time for second guessing

Regardless of the obstacles in front of you right now…. this very minute, all you need is HOPE.

Hope will ignite your passion in your darkest hour. 72 more words


5 Star Audaciousness in this one!

Overwhelmed at audacity tonight. First of all, what a word. It’s fun. Audacity. I like it but don’t like its context today. Suffice it like this …. 326 more words


Track the journey.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was starting up again with my health and fitness regime after a period of slow but steady weight gain. 565 more words


Losing Steam? Do THIS to Regain Momentum

When looking for a new job, starting your own business, or trying to achieve a goal, it is easy to experience mental and emotional fatigue. Excited hopes can quickly turn into a defeating reality: it may take more time than you desire or are prepared to handle to get where you want to go. 450 more words

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