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"Pretty pretty please"

Unfortunately, one of my obsessions is perfectionism.  I want to make everyone happy all of the time.  I want to be the best cook, best baker, volunteer the most, be the most read, make the most money, be the skinniest, be the strongest, be the most talented & just overall have the perfect f’ing life.   378 more words

Goal Setting

Knowing Sh#t From Shinola, Conquering Life One Breakthrough At A Time...John Page Burton


First, I hope this message finds you living the happy, healthy, abundant life you deserve! Many of you were kind enough to purchase my first book, Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles for Life and Business.   322 more words

Life Coaching.

Doing The Right Thing?

My life has been a rollercoaster of accepting and ignoring responsibility.  Either I’m all on board or I completely give up.  There is no middle ground.   620 more words

Goal Setting

YOLO = Carpe diem for idiots

I have my list (101 Things to Do In 1001 days) and that’s where this blog began.  I kind of fell off the grid with isolation and getting involved in all the wrong things.   457 more words

Goal Setting

Plexus Update: Day 43

Husband is taking XFactor. Today he told me (TMI) he’s getting regular. Says he can tell it’s the vitamin. This is huge big just for him but me also … After years of a messed up regularity system and horrid stomach cramps, I can report regularity and no more debilitating cramps. 308 more words


Food for Thought - Teamwork

One word that is commonly used is the word teamwork. Most people hear that word and think about sports or working on a team. The key to teamwork for me is letting people know that you not only care about their needs but that you will be there to coach and help them every step of the way. 71 more words

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Right now in the place I’m in right now with my live I have so much support its ridiculous.  Its such a nice feeling I can’t even properly express it into words.   463 more words

Goal Setting