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Making A Schedule

Everything I’ve covered over that last few editions will help you to maintain your focus and your concentration for long periods of time, but ultimately this is still very ‘reactive’ – you’re still effectively fighting against the urge to break focus. 945 more words


Can You Know TOO Much?

Now that I’ve finished Jim Stoppani’s Superman program (final blog post, thoughts, review coming!), I’ve been looking at the rest of the year.

I know most people in the fitness industry spend time focusing on bulking during the winter months, so they don’t have to stay lean, I’ve been looking at what I want to do. 452 more words


Re-Gaining Concentration When You Lose It

Hopefully, all this advice is helping you to stay more focused and alert and to be more present and engaged no matter what the activity. But you’re still going to need a contingency plan for when things go wrong. 382 more words


Weekend Poll: Q3 Progress Check On Your 2016 Goals

We’ve all wrapped up another fiscal quarter at our respective organisations, and it’s a good opportunity to pause and reflect on personal progress with goals and resolutions we’ve established for 2016. 208 more words


Day-To-Day Concentration Advice

The last couple articles we’ve discussed being focused and improving your concentration. Being focused could make you better at pretty much everything and help you to get more out of your life. 520 more words


Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Being that I recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of embarking on my health and wellness journey, the past few weeks have been a time for some reflection.  383 more words


New Month - Plan Big, Finish Strong

I always  month. It gives me hope and optimism that I get to plan out each day for how the month goes. The fact that I am in control makes me want to plan big – no plan is too big, I say. 259 more words

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