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A Band-Aid Won’t Fix What’s Broken

A Band-Aid Won’t Fix What’s Broken

Many business owners don’t take the time to find out what is really wrong in their business. They know there is a problem, but they don’t take the time to fully fix the broken process. 450 more words


Adding a Little Spice to Your Life

Do you remember the old saying about adding a little spice to your life?? For some reason, that came to my mind today…maybe it’s because my spouse and I love to cook or maybe it’s because we love to eat different types of food or maybe it’s because we love to watch the food channel!!!! 369 more words

Goal Setting

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

We are coming on the Fourth of July this weekend and I was thinking about the various freedoms that we have and how thankful I am every day for them.   443 more words

Goal Setting

Handle Objections Strategy Summary


The 2 Most Common Objections

1. Price is too high
People rarely object to price because of price alone. Instead, what they object to is more likely to be something else.  447 more words


Is it me, or is it my job?

I was recently speaking with an valued client of mine over lunch. Part of our intended work together is to identify her ideal career and a path to achieve it. 722 more words

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To Diet Coke or Not to Diet Coke

For 2 weeks, almost, I’ve been Diet Coke free.  For some that’s no feat. For me, that’s monstrous. My caffeine addiction is/was expensive as I guzzled down 44-64 ounces of that deliciousness a day. 688 more words


Losing Sight of your Goal

While sitting in a local cafe, enjoying a Berry Jam Ice Coffee, I was struggling at first what to write about.   I had three different ideas and then it came to me!!!   473 more words

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