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Back To The Start...

As a triathlete, I have had my ‘time off’ and I’m now back on the (long) road to racing again.  Next year I only have one goal in mind – Outlaw 2018.  350 more words


Halloween Holidays

Well almost there; into the last week of the first half of Term 1; amazing we spend our lives at teachers getting to the holidays! 264 more words


My Own Natural Hair Care Routine

Shampoo, conditioner, comb, fluff, smoother gloss, curl cream, scrunch…. rinse and repeat. The hair care routine I used when I moved out to Oregon included many steps. 719 more words

Goal Setting


We’ve hit the halfway point here at Point Loma. This semester has been a whirlwind of teaching myself calculus so I can do chemistry, listening to eleven minute Bob Dylan songs, and questioning whether or not this life is real or just a dream because Descartes. 399 more words


Pushing Forward

It’s that time of year again. The magical time of pumpkin spice latte’s and leggings. For myself however, this season is one of the toughest seasons of the year. 877 more words


Using Positive Self-Talk To Calm Your Mind and Follow Your Dreams

No matter what you’re doing with your life, doubt can creep in and bury you in what-ifs and judgmental statements. When you’re pursuing a dream, those doubts are even louder because taking a risk on yourself is much scarier than taking the common roads in life. 470 more words


Breathe Journal Review

One of the frustrations about being creative, is that it is all to easy to wind up in a creative fog. I find that there is so much on the internet that sparks my creativity but I can quickly reach saturation point that has me struggling to sleep with too many ideas swirling around my head so much so that I find I can’t settle down to create anything. 351 more words