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Looking forward

I always find that the halfway mark of each year is a good time to take stock of what I have accomplished recently and what else I would like to develop. 846 more words


Soooo ... I've gotten a little behind.

Marathon training was more stressful than I thought. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the long runs or increased time demands for training. Instead of taking a short pause to reflect on what was happening I more or less shut down. 136 more words


book review – solving the procrastination puzzle

Timothy Pychyl is a professor of psychology who writes about procrastination. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle: A Concise Guide to Strategies for Change is a short book, making it easy to get through quickly. 193 more words

Daily Actions = Daily Results: The mindset of how to get more out of your day!

We all inherently know that what we do each day will determine the results that we gain from those efforts (or lack thereof).

I think it is also true however, that people are either so busy, distracted or how to put this nicely….living in a fantasy land, that they are genuinely shocked when they don’t get the result they are looking for without taking the proper actions. 315 more words


All Good Things...

All good things must come to an end, or at least that is what they say.

My writing chain came to an end on 5/13/2015. I started on 11/1/2014 so after 194 days of writing at least 250 words each day, I have to start over. 347 more words

What I'm Writing

Time Accruals

Accrual (accumulation) of something is, in finance, the adding together of interest or different investments over a period of time. 

(Source – Wikipedia “Accrual”)

Businesses complete financial accruals – they add up how much they are spending in various areas and then use the information to project what they will spend in the future.

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5 Ways to Have More Time in Your Day

Now, obviously we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but when you optimize the hours in your day you can have more free time for entertainment or relaxation, become more productive in the hours that you are working, and even get more done in less time. 803 more words

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