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We all have the same 24 hours. No one gets more or less. It’s the equilibrium of life. I take time to be the greatest denominator. 318 more words


F&ck Cancer....and other running ramblings

I’m behind in my posting and my progress, but once I explain I believe you’ll understand.

June 2nd is …was…. to be a 10K run. I’d planned to go with a friend. 379 more words


Motivation difficulties

So it’s now Tuesday today, so far this week I’ve been to the gym on Monday and did an approx 2 mile run. I wrote a post last week about how great I was feeling and that I was loving training, my motivation has been really high. 556 more words


Day 12

So what I’m figuring out is that it has to be important. To reach the goal and remain focused, there has to be meaning in it. 351 more words


Oops I'm Blogging Again

So after yesterday’s silly moment of realizing that I just need to start. No project will ever be finished or perfect enough, but starting is better than sitting. 109 more words

Law Of Attraction

Who are your customers?

Do you know who your customers are?

If you don’t know who your customers are, or who you want them to be, how can you work with them effectively? 196 more words

Maximize Your Time And Life

My business experience has taught me one true thing: That maximizing your productivity, happiness, peace, or impact can best be accomplished if you clearly understand the 12 Rules of Time. 761 more words