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Oh, the simple walk!

I’ve been slowing down on this blog, I know. A short explanation: I’m in a master’s program (full-time). It’s a lot of work and I’m regularly and routinely fairly tired. 703 more words

Beginner Friendly Tips

Make a mission statement as specific as possible for your project/dream/goal.

Make sure your goal is as specific as possible. Let’s use the goal of ” I want to be rich”, as an example. If you have in your mind that you want to be rich, as a goal, you are being too general. 169 more words

Mastermind Success 4 U

August Goals - Too tick or not too tick

  • Christmas Present check time! – What I mean by this is, see what I already have gathered, write it down and check what else I need.
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Blog Challenges

Professional Growth Plan

This year my growth plan will include 2 goals.   The first goal that I want to work on is implementing the new Jump Math program for Grade 2.  147 more words

Goal Setting

A Frog a Day Keeps Procrastination Away

Supposedly, Mark Twain once said something along the lines of, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” And that is our productivity tip of the day. 401 more words

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Focus on Being Productive

“Focus in being productive instead of busy” – Tim Ferris.

What does this mean? More importantly why is this so important? Lets say you work a 40 hour week, and you spend your week working through tasks and projects. 406 more words


Set Goals To Have A Life

When we were young, our parents set the goals and standards for our life. Our success was based on what they gave us, or teachers that believe in what was best for us. 128 more words