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Step Into Your Greatness In 10 Easy Steps

From the time we’re children, we’re encouraged to let the guy win so we don’t make him feel bad, to minimize our beauty so our friends won’t get jealous, to turn down our genius so others won’t feel threatened, to dim our light so no one feels dark in our shadow. 442 more words


Last Week in April

It’s been a few weeks since my last goal posting.  My reflections of that last one is that I was growing tired of setting goals every week and needed some time away from the process. 195 more words

The Simpsons Episode Every Writer Should Watch

I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons as a kid.

Of course, this meant that I tried to whenever I had the chance.  And let me tell you, when you find yourself holding onto a television antennae for thirty-plus minutes to get a slightly less static-filled broadcast of a forbidden show, ready to bolt back to studying the second you hear the garage door open, you really start to gain an appreciation for the thing you’re putting your neck on the line for. 1,421 more words


5 Steps to Success: Help Kids Set—and Achieve—Their Goals

By Beverly K. Bachel, author of What Do You Really Want?

How did:

  • Seven-year-old twins Amy and Emma create Bake Me Home, a charity that has brightened the lives of thousands of families in crisis?
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Free Spirit Author

Frontline Newsletter - May 2016

What do mothers really want on mothers day?  Flowers? probably, but what they really want is me time; sleep in, read a book, go out, and most of all a day free of all the hassles and bustles of running a home.   53 more words

FASD Frontline Newsletter

Most Leaders Stink at Setting Goals - Here's Why

Can we be real with each other for just a minute? I may be branded a leadership heretic by what I’m about to say but I’ve got to be honest. 537 more words

Performance Management

Don't dream a dream. Just do it.

“Don’t dream a dream. Just do it”

This was said by one of the grade 5 students in the school I am currently doing my pre-service teaching placement.

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