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Garry Ridge on Helping People Win at Work

In the latest installment of the Blanchard LeaderChat Podcast, we interview Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 Company and coauthor with Ken Blanchard of Helping People Win at Work… 292 more words

Behavior Change

Athlete, Goal Coach, Business Woman ~ Ange Ritchie shares her secrets to achieving your goals

Today’s interview is with an incredible girl I met whilst working on set as a makeup artist for FoodCo. Ange is head of marketing for… 858 more words


New Year, New Goals....

It’s close enough to the end of year (and where did 2016 go, anyway?!) that I’m thinking of goals. You know, the kind I can actually meet. 123 more words

3 Steps to Setting Goals for 2017 (part 1)

At the start of every coaching relationship, I sit with my clients and set goals for our coaching programme. Specific, measurable goals that will help them stay on track and keep motivated to make the changes they want to see. 327 more words

Generation Y - The 'Follow Your Passion' Generation

Have we created a problematic generation by encouraging our students to follow their passion? 448 more words

New Learninig

My own short-term strategic plan for life

I love making to-do lists. Everyday in the morning I grab my yellow pad and bright blue pen and start making my daily to-do list. 1,366 more words


Four Steps to Help You Initiate and Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

Step III- Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

“I have not failed, I found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

A perfect example of an individual who did not let failure overcome him was Steve Jobs. 368 more words