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5 Time Management Tips for Reaching Your Goals.

One of the most valuable abilities that you can have in life is efficient and powerful time management skills. If you’re not able to manage your time well, you will have no chance of reaching the goals you set throughout your life. 384 more words

Lessons from March Madness

If you’re reading this you probably know who I am. If not, here’s a quick wrap up – I am completely, utterly obsessed with college basketball and March Madness. 301 more words

Health And Fitness

Are you getting the most from your people?

People are one of the greatest assets in your business.

Are you treating your people right?

Are they happy?

Are they motivated?

If you do not regularly ask these questions of your staff then over time they are not going to feel valuable and they will start to look elsewhere. 238 more words

Goal-setting with a group: The Monthly Weeklies

Jonathan Williams is co-editor of Queer Out Here, writer of blog posts at In Which I, walker of long distances and organiser of things. 1,394 more words

Research Culture

2018 Master List

When I purchased my first Happy Planner this year one of the first bullet journal list that I incorporated was a 2018 Master List. It is basically a list of any and every goal I want to accomplish this year, any specific items I wanted to purchase, any task I wanted to tackle, any event I wanted to attend…basically everything I could possibly think of completing this year. 337 more words

Bullet Journal

Money Check: Period 5

I am freshly back from the UK and now is the time to get serious about this money thing. All of my traveling the first quarter of the year bounced me off track a bit, but now I have the time and space to make the changes I need. 73 more words



In about two weeks, the first quarter of the year will come to an end and I couldn’t be happier about how the last three months have been. 851 more words