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The hums and drums of ironman training...

lets just start off by saying not everything is always going to go according to plan. I think that’s a given. I’ve managed to not let the training completely take over my life and been balancing work, personal, and training really well this time around. 377 more words


3 Ways You Can Step Through Fear

Happy Spring!

The sun is shining today and I am officially a certified Coach Practitioner! I had a wonderful course this weekend in Calgary and am excited to launch that part of my business in the coming month – subscribe to my monthly newsletter… 837 more words

Quote of the Day

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Anytime, anywhere.

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Life Out Loud

Risk Management Goals

We will never know how many businesses with world beating ideas, innovative production techniques and life changing talent have never arrived to their full market potential. 1,089 more words


The Pebble

Imagine throwing a pebble in a pond, the ripples can run right across the water.

The pebble didn’t cause the ripples though.

You did.

The pebble just sits there waiting to “be moved” 518 more words


The Dion Quarter Quell...because some days, it feels like the Hunger Games around here.

Back in December I was part of a live chat hosted by Kristen and Zach LaValley with Thrive Intentionally. One of the topics they discussed in-depth was goal setting and the importance if having a solid plan. 1,299 more words

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The truth about MOTIVATION!

So motivation seems to be a big thing these days (it’s even got its own day! :0), whats the big thing about motivation? I’ve just watched a video that had a great title “Motivation is NOT what you need”, eye catching right? 455 more words