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Ideals: 3 Ways to Start Spending your Time Better

Living an intentional lifestyle isn’t easy. It will involve a sacrifice, what the goal is will make the sacrifice bigger or smaller. But an undoubtable sacrifice that every single goal has in common is time. 359 more words


August's Small Step: Reflect, Revamp & Renew, Revisited

Last month, I gave you a summer-long assignment for your Small Step.  If you missed it, you can click here to read it.  That means that this month is simply a reminder to keep plugging on: reflect upon what’s working and what isn’t; revamp your goals and strategies and renew your commitment to fitness.  214 more words

Starting Exercise Program

30-Step Minimalist Challenge

I have been feeling particular uninspired and unmotivated as of recent. And, lemme tell you, it is not a good feeling. And the longer I go without being productive, the farther I fall into a place where it becomes more and more difficult to accomplish anything. 205 more words


Leave ‘WHAT IFs’ for others

I always encourage people to write their goals.

Some people say to me that they do not how to start. Well, it’s quite simple, just start very small. 358 more words

Goal Setting

And So It Begins....

The Journey To 30 –

I suppose I’ve been on this journey since the day I was born, but as the days draw near, the reality sinks in. 231 more words


Motivation Monday: No Deadlines

Happy first Monday of August!  I’ve always loved this time of year – it’s traditionally been a time of moving (one year to Memphis, one year to Ireland, one year within Memphis, one year to Austin, one year within Austin, last year to Tulsa), a time of starting training plans for fall races, a time of celebrating my birthday (!!), going back to school, and perhaps, if I’m lucky, a slight dip in average temperatures by that last week. 187 more words


Monday Motivation

Because Mondays are hard and sometimes we need a little inspiration…

Big life goals can be overwhelming. There is no question about it. But rather than trying to tackle everything in one day, avoid getting discouraged by breaking your goals into manageable tasks. 24 more words