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Go ahead and cross that bridge

I have always loved math (except for geometry), and I have found that I am quite good with finances both personal and business. Then how is it that I am just now creating a written budget? 231 more words


What Is And What Should Never Be

I feel guilty. I started reading The Kite Runner like months ago and I cannot finish it. Is it lack of time or maybe the book is not as entertaining as they have written on the cover? 225 more words


This is me saving a goal on my foosball table! I got rid of all those silly men on poles, and my friends and I play soccer once in a while on the table for fun. 419 more words

Journey Begins With a Single Step Only

It is not only said but yes it is REALLY TRUE that any journey begins with a single step. Same goes with my blogging, the only thing required for this journey was my start and here I did. 300 more words


A long way to go

(Photo: Justin Bastien)

Transformation does not occur as easily when you are in your late 30’s. When it comes to changing your body and mind, you notice that there is a rigidness that fights back and tries to stop you at each and every step. 62 more words


the secret is always love

Ending March on this note – a confessionary note no less.

There’s only a few times have I ever felt undeniable passion for someone.

This is of course a blessing and a curse in itself. 541 more words



I am pretty angry today. Hold on, while I fill myself with love again.