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Overcoming Stage Fright

I used to be the boy who had a very low self-esteem. I never believed in myself. I allowed fear to curb my dreams, limiting my potentials. 92 more words

Hey, It's Still the Old Thing!

Being so fast-pacing in life can have a handful of benefits. But as I try it for days, I have realized that I began to overlook the more important details – those that cannot be measured quantitatively. 40 more words

Questions and Answers

What is my body?

My body is a rental. It is not mine. I am just its occupant, so that my mind can retrieve information from the senses. 166 more words


Starting Things I Don't Finish

This last Saturday I ran the Orcas Island 50k for the 3rd time, and it’s the fourth straight year I’ve spent on Orcas Island for this particular race (I ran the 25k one year). 913 more words


Sometimes Failure Is What We Need

Sometimes in life we try to reach a goal and things don’t go as we hoped and planned. It happens because life is a gamble. Life isn’t fair and there are no guarantees. 348 more words

Jennifer Senior: A "Guide" to Parenting

The parenting section of the bookstore is overwhelming—it’s “a giant, candy-colored monument to our collective panic,” as writer Jennifer Senior puts it. Why is parenthood filled with so much anxiety? 27 more words

Breath Of Fresh Air