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The world is overwhelming, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing

One of the tasks we’re forced to take on as twenty-somethings is the daily battle against becoming completely overwhelmed. We’re stuck fighting feelings like, “I can’t get everything done,” “I know I’m forgetting something,” “There’s just not enough time,” “My mind is about to explode,” or worse, “I’m not good enough.” 559 more words


Never give up

We all have that one dream, that one goal, that one ambition. It could be anything from wanting to become the next “phantom of the Opera” on Broadway or something as simple as getting over that dreadful flu that’s stopping you from hanging out with your friends and going to that party that you desperately want to attend. 340 more words

Live for today

The world is filled with so many different people. All with different emotions, different ways of life, different personality and different situations. Billions of people walk the earth and no two human are the same. 422 more words

The Supremacy of God in Missions through Worship

Uy Quyền Tối Thượng Của Đức Chúa Trời Trong Công Tác Truyền Giáo Qua Sự Thờ Phượng

Công tác truyền giáo không phải là mục tiêu tối hậu của Hội Thánh, nhưng chính là sự thờ phượng. 163 more words